• Direct On-screen Editing

    Direct On-screen Editing

    Our schedules are designed to be edited on the same screen you view them from. There's no need to switch screens to add shifts or update an employee's contact details.

  • Drag & Drop Interface

    Drag & Drop Interface

    Just like a spreadsheet, you can use your mouse to drag & drop shifts, employees and facilities. Simple to learn, easy to understand and fun to use!

  • Vacation Management

    Vacation Management

    By managing employee vacations alongside your schedule you can you see when employees are unavailable, you can avoid being under-staffed and can also run reports on how much allowance they have left.

  • Automatic Payroll Generation

    Automatic Payroll Generation

    By taking the times you enter on your schedule and the pay rates you set for your employees, Findmyshift can produce an error-free payroll report for you in seconds, to view on screen or export to CSV.

  • Communicating With Employees

    Communicating With Employees

    Based on your employee's preferences, all notifications can be sent either by email, text message or push notification. You can rest assured, your employees will get the message!

  • Calendar Integration

    Calendar Integration

    Findmyshift's iCal feed enables external calendar applications to display the shift information saved in Findmyshift. Subscribing to feeds can be done from the "Feeds" link at the bottom of your schedule.

  • Right Click Menus

    Right Click Menus

    All the options you need to manage your schedule are right under your mouse. A simple right click lets you add shifts, assign facilities, swap employees, cut, copy, paste, export, save, print, publish, filter, format and more!

  • Real-time Reporting

    Real-time Reporting

    Real-time reporting allows managers to see statistics while they're scheduling. As a manager adds or edits their schedule, employee numbers, shift hours and costs are totalled and displayed on-screen.

  • Customize Your Data

    Customize Your Data

    By adding new columns to Findmyshift you can store data unique to your business. Apart from using Findmyshift to store your data, you can also use it to sort and filter the many different reports and screens throughout the site.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    We've added a ton of keyboard shortcuts to help increase your productivity. These include copying and pasting, changing dates, scrolling, saving, deleting, selecting cells, adding time off and more.

  • Shift Reminders

    Shift Reminders

    Shift reminders can be set to automatically text or email employees the day before their shift starts, detailing when and where they're working next.

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste

    With built-in copy & paste, managers can use keyboard shortcuts and/or the right click menu to duplicate shifts on the schedule - avoiding the need to re-enter common items.

  • Multi-cell Editing

    Multi-cell Editing

    By selecting a group of cells you can edit, copy or delete a large amount of data at the same time. To work with a group of cells, you can select them with your mouse or keyboard.

  • Lunch Breaks

    Lunch Breaks

    If your employees are taking an unpaid break you can keep your payroll reports accurate by adding a break in. This is done with a comment beneath the shift times in the format "1 hour break" or "30 min break".

  • Overtime Rates

    Overtime Rates

    Recording occasional overtime can be done by adding a comment beneath a shift in the format "x 1.5" or "x 2". Overtime will show up as "Overtime" in the reports, but can be overridden with a comment such as "x 2 (Double time)"

  • Shift requests & cancellations

    Shift requests & cancellations

    Pending approval from a schedule manager, employees can log in to request more shifts, cancel existing shifts or swap shifts with other employees. Request notifications are emailed directly to schedule managers.

  • 128-bit SSL Encryption

    128-bit SSL Encryption

    If you're sending confidential information through the internet it's a good idea to use SSL. SSL provides 128-bit encryption between your browser and our server, so nothing that is transmitted can be viewed by third parties.

  • Split Shifts

    Split Shifts

    Sometimes employees work two shifts in one day and you need to split their shift. Our editor lets you enter as many shifts as you need, so all you have to do is enter the shifts one after the other.

  • Smart Filters

    Smart Filters

    Filters help you reduce the amount of information visible on screen. To find employees paid less than $10 per hour enter "< $10" in the pay rate filter. To find employees between 25 and 30 years old enter "> 25 < 30" in the age filter.

  • Restoring Your Own Backups

    Restoring Your Own Backups

    Should something important get deleted, you can restore your data using a snapshot. Snapshot data includes employees, facilities, settings, shifts, requests, time off, messages, the notice board, budgets and pay rates.

  • Exporting to PDF, XLS or HTML

    Exporting to PDF, XLS or HTML

    Your employee schedules don't have to stay inside our web-site forever. You're free to export them at any time to PDF, XLS or HTML, for printing, forwarding or record keeping.

  • Restricted Schedule Access

    Restricted Schedule Access

    All employee schedules are restricted by passwords to protect your employees and your business from prying eyes. No information is accessible without first providing the password of an active employee or an active manager.

  • Dual-view scheduling

    Dual-view scheduling

    Whether you're scheduling employees, facilities or both together, Findmyshift allows you to enter and view your shifts in two distinct views. Employees on the left, dates on top and facilities in the middle, or facilities on the left, dates on top and employees in the middle.

  • Unlimited Employees

    Unlimited Employees

    Each schedule on Findmyshift comes with unlimited employees and unlimited managers. We will never charge you extra for adding extra employees to your employee schedule. You're free to grow!

  • Unlimited Facilities

    Unlimited Facilities

    As well as unlimited employees, Findmyshift comes with unlimited facilities. Facilities can be rooms, machines, buildings, or anything you like. You can even rename the word "Facility" to whatever makes sense to your business.

  • Uploading Documents

    Uploading Documents

    Managers can upload and share documents with employees from inside their schedule. There's no limit to how many files you can upload, but they should each be less than 10 megabytes.

  • Forecast your labour costs

    Forecast your labour costs

    Findmyshift can forecast your labour costs months in advance using the shift times you've entered on to your employee schedule, your employees' pay rates and any other pay rate exceptions rules.

  • Time off requests

    Time off requests

    Allow your employees to request time off directly through their schedule. Findmyshift stores time off requests in a simple centralised area of your schedule where time-off managers can review, accept or decline requests with email, text or push notifications.

  • No Installation Required

    No Installation Required

    Being 100% web-based there's nothing to install and nothing to download. You can update your schedule or contact your employees, whenever, wherever you have access to a web browser.

  • Stored In The Cloud

    Stored In The Cloud

    Our cloud architecture provides unparalleled reliability, scalability and data security. All of our servers are hosted in world class cloud computing data centers.

  • Encryption & Data Security

    Encryption & Data Security

    All data added to Findmyshift is encrypted. This includes names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, pay rates, facilities, shift comments, access logs and any custom columns that you add.

  • ICO registered and compliant

    ICO registered and compliant

    Findmyshift is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller, and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act of 1998. To view our registration details search here for our ICO registration number (Z3140758).

  • Anywhere, any-time access

    Anywhere, any-time access

    Accessing your schedule is easy and only requires a web browser and an internet connection. Log in from work, from home, or even on your mobile phone. Last minute additions and late night shift swaps can be dealt with any time, anywhere you are.

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