Common Scheduling Problems and How to Solve Them

Pulling together a staff roster, whether it is weekly or monthly, takes time. Just when you think you have it all sorted people will want to swap shifts, take additional leave or call in sick. Constant changes can mean lots of crossing out on a handwritten roster hanging on the back of the office door, or yet another email sent to your team telling them of the latest changes. All in all, scheduling your staff can take up a lot of your time.

You're unable to contact your staff

Many people still use paper and pen for their scheduling, meaning staff need to call up or come into the workplace to find out which shifts they're working. This can be time consuming for both managers and staff.

Findmyshift allows you and your staff members to log in as many times as you want in order to see or change the roster. Everything can be done remotely, cutting back on phone calls, emails, pens and paper!

Your staff regularly request changes to their shifts

People will no doubt want to make changes to their shifts. To do this, they might call when you are busy with something else or send multiple emails causing forgetfulness and confusion.

Findmyshift allows staff members to request changes to your rota so that you are prompted to log in and accept or decline their requests. These options can all be found under Settings.

Staff are not aware of changes to their roster

Making constant changes to a rota means staff need to be regularly updated to know when they are working. You may then need to send lots of email updates or call round your staff individually to let them know of changes. Inevitably people will get forgotten or they will be confused by the constant variations in the roster.

To avoid this, Findmyshift automatically sends emails to staff when a change affects them and managers can also choose to make it obligatory for staff to accept shifts so you have some reassurance that they know when they're working. Alternatively, managers can check the log-in reports to see who has been checking the rota and when.

Filling empty shifts

Rather than begin an hour of phone calls trying to find someone to fill a shift, you can use Findmyshift to contact all of your staff at once and ask them about upcoming available shifts. You can do this via the Noticeboard or in the Outbox. It's also really easy for staff to choose their own shifts, or for staff to pick from empty shifts that need filling, as all they have to do is log in and request a shift by right-clicking on the day they want to work.

Start scheduling your staff online.

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