Track staff absence the smart way

Keeping track of requests, communicating changes and tracking allowances can be tricky. Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on keeping your staff happy.

Manage time off directly from your roster

Time off is displayed directly on the roster, so you'll always know who's available and who's not when you're allocating shifts. When adding or approving time off, we'll let you know if the staff member has any shifts already scheduled in that period.

Limit what your staff can see with privacy controls

Are your staff objecting to time off requests from their colleagues? Perhaps two employees have requested the same days off and you need to decide who stays and who goes. Findmyshift allows you to keep time off requests/approvals private, helping you to avoid staff conflict.

Appoint assistants to handle time off requests

Being in charge of the roster doesn't always mean you're responsible for responding to time off requests from your staff. Findmyshift lets you delegate time off responsibilities to other members of your team, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

Instant notifications for quicker responses

Whether it's a new holiday request, a date change or a cancellation, we'll make sure everyone who needs to know gets notified. Findmyshift sends notifications as emails, text messages and push notifications.

Customisable categories

Whether you're managing maternity leave, paternity leave or just a regular holidays, keep on top of things with time off categories to match the requests you're receiving.

Recurring time off

Set staff members as unavailable on a recurring schedule, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Mark them off automatically to avoid any conflicts.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do my staff request and cancel time off?If you've granted your staff members permission to request time off ("Settings" > "Time off" > "Staff can request time off"), then for them it's as easy as selecting the dates they would like off, right clicking and selecting "Request" > "Time off". To cancel time off your staff can double click the time off request on their roster and select "Cancel" at the bottom.
  • How can I hide time off requests from other staff members in the team?Time off requests can be easily hidden via "Settings" > "Time off". Here, you would make sure that "Staff can see each other's approved time off requests" and "Staff can see each other's unapproved time off requests" are not ticked. When these settings are not ticked then your staff will only be able to see their own time off requests.
  • Can holiday allowances be linked to the hours a staff member works?By default, holiday allowances are a fixed number of days (or hours) per year, however these allowances can also be set as a percentage of the number of hours worked by each staff member. As an example, if your staff are entitled to 1 hour of holiday for every 100 hours worked, you could enter "1%" in the holiday allowance on their staff profile.
  • Can I customise the time off categories in Findmyshift?Yes, you can change the default categories (types) of time off whenever you like via "Settings" > "Time off" > "Types of time off".

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