Shift Scheduling for Schools, Colleges and UniversitiesThe benefits of using a smart shift scheduling solution within education

When you hear the terms shift-planning or shift-scheduling, factories, retail, and the hospitality industry probably spring to mind.

However, shift scheduling software can assist those working in the education sector to manage employee movements better.

After all, the education sector is a shift-based industry with employees working in patterns that must be coordinated to ensure that each lesson is covered.

Shift-scheduling software can save you both time and money. Their ease of use and straightforward functionality can help you construct the perfect schedule in minutes rather than hours.

Not only this, but shift-scheduling software can also save you money by automatically calculating your payroll!

Findmyshift is an excellent shift scheduling tool allowing you to plan shifts and track and report time for schools and universities. It includes several useful features, including a staff noticeboard, holiday management and a smart pay calculator to make running your education institution effortless.

Staff noticeboard

Teachers and those in the education industry have a lot to consider each day, whether that be staff reminders or timetabling changes.

Sometimes, a classroom is required for a different purpose at the last minute. If the relevant staff are not informed, this could disrupt both the teachers and students' days.

Findmyshift includes a built-in noticeboard which is excellent for keeping everyone up-to-date on any classroom or timetabling changes. It can also be a fantastic way to ensure all members of staff are aware of institution-wide announcements, such as a change of graduation date.

Shift templates

Typically, teachers work the same shifts each week because they are obligated to teach specific classes. These classes are repeated weekly to make things easier for the teachers and the students.

Findmyshift has built-in shift templates. Make the most of this time-saving option by customising the template to meet your individual requirements.

It makes arranging the following terms teaching pattern easy because the formatting, shift slots and other necessary information are already there. This frees you up to focus on getting the right staff in the right place at the right time to keep your educational institution running smoothly.

Holiday management

It is a well-known fact that teachers get a lot of time off work each year. Most people overlook that this is largely due to the ridiculous hours they work. For example, primary school teachers are estimated to work 59.3 hours per week. Usually, teachers are not allowed to take any time off during the term due to the long school holidays.

However, in universities, there are thousands of admin staff who work throughout the year. Findmyshift's in-built holiday management system enables you to see when these admin staff will be on holiday and automatically calculates the holiday allowance they have left.

Pay one low price

At Findmyshift, we know that schools and other education establishments are not bursting at the seams with funds to invest in software. Therefore, instead of a 'pay-per-employee' system, we have implemented a 'pay-per-rota' system.

Even if the institution expands or hires more staff, the costs will remain fixed at the initial low price.

Automated shift reminders

Teachers have to consider marking, pastoral care, lesson planning, and school trips, so we can't blame them for sometimes forgetting what day they are supposed to be working!

Findmyshift's automated reminder system uses push notifications, emails and text to alert employees to their upcoming shifts. If there have been any changes made to their rota, Findmyshift will also alert them to this. These alerts should increase employee attendance.

Smart pay rate calculation

In an educational institution, there is a hierarchy from receptionists to teachers to deputies. This hierarchy usually means various pay grades. This can often be complex when establishing PAYE in a large institution.

Fortunately, Findmyshift has an in-built smart pay rate calculator that allows you to put in rules to determine varying hourly rates for employees based on their location, age, job role and day of the week.

Often, schools are closed on the weekend and late into the evening, so this may be regarded as overtime. Findmyshift can easily calculate these pay differences, alleviating any stress or confusion down the line!

This saves time on manual calculations and reduces the possibility of human error, both of which may be costly to any institution.

Reduce your payroll costs by keeping track of your employees' time and attendance

Findmyshift includes a built-in clock that you can use for more precise time-tracking. The tool allows staff members to clock in and out, which provides you with a more accurate timesheet for payroll.

The capacity to ensure that employees adhere to their contracted hours is a significant benefit of time and attendance tracking.

Drag & drop scheduling

Findmyshift's easy to use drag and drop scheduler means that you can rapidly create a timetable that can be shared with all staff members with just a few clicks.

Drag and drop tools are easy to use, accessible for even those 'old-school' technophobe teachers! Due to this simplicity, drag and drop tools enable quick reallocation. This is great if you need to make a rapid classroom change!

Automatically deduct breaks

Findmyshift includes a feature that means that unpaid breaks are automatically deducted from your payroll reports. When a teacher runs an errand in their lunch break that overruns, this will be deducted from their pay automatically.

Document storage

Teachers within the same department need to work together to establish grading systems, boundaries and which students should be in which set.

Findmyshift allows teachers to upload documents, whether that be a specific students exam paper for marking or some ideas for grade boundary setting. This allows other teachers from the same department to give their views on the document. These documents are then stored securely within Findmyshift.

If you were sceptical about shift-scheduling software for education institutions before reading this post, then we hope we have converted you! Findmyshift is the best in its field, providing effortless shift scheduling, time monitoring, and much more for schools and universities.

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