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  • What files can I upload?You can upload any CSV, XLS, XLSX, TSV, TXT or TAB file that contains the names of your staff. The ordering of the columns in the file isn't important, but you should include a "name", "first name" or "last name" column. If you don't have a file ready then we recommend you start with our template, or you can just enter your staff manually above.
  • What happens after I upload my staff?After you upload your staff we'll add them to a new team and you can begin scheduling on your 60 day trial. Don't forget - you'll need to save an account (email and password) to keep your access to the data that you've just uploaded. If you don't save an account and you change browsers or computers, you might lose access to your data. You don't need a credit card to save an account and you can always delete your data if you choose not to continue with Findmyshift.
  • How do my staff log in?When you're ready to give your staff access to Findmyshift you will need to send them a welcome message from the "Outbox" or via "Send a message". This message will include a special single-use link that will allow them to choose a password and log in to Findmyshift. If your staff ever forget the password they have chosen they can always use the "Forgotten your password" link on the log in page to restart the process and choose a new password.
  • Will you be sending emails to my staff?No, not automatically. This is to give you time to explore the system after uploading your staff. When you're ready you can visit the "Outbox" where there will be a welcome message for each staff member, waiting to be sent out. A special single-use link in the welcome messages will allow your staff members to choose their password and log in to Findmyshift. If you accidentally delete the welcome messages or would like to send your own message to your staff, you can also use the "Send a message" function, as this will also add a link for staff to choose a password if they haven't done so already.