Online Shift Scheduling for Emergency Workers

Online shift scheduling for emergency services employees

Poor scheduling practices are detrimental to a company’s operations and have a negative impact on employee satisfaction, well-being, performance, and retention. In the emergency service industry, poor scheduling practices pose an even higher risk, as the nature of the job exposes workers to demands and responsibilities that extend beyond most other occupations. What’s more, if shifts are not staffed correctly, the patients and victims these workers strive to protect may not get the attention they need.

Employee scheduling for emergency workers is a complicated, arduous, and time-consuming task. Schedulers must make sure that the right resources are in the right place at the right time for each shift. They must also ensure that employees don’t burn out, and payroll budgets are not exceeded.

Our online scheduling tool is designed to do the heavy lifting associated with workforce planning and helps you manage your best assets: your people.

Here's how Findmyshift’s features can help you create efficient, well-balanced schedules that not only ensure smooth and profitable business operations, but also help reduce schedulers’ fatigue and stress, manage labour costs, and increase both productivity and workforce satisfaction.

Use shift templates to save time and reduce human errors

Creating an emergency worker schedule from scratch each time you need one takes a considerable chunk of your time and increases the opportunities for costly mistakes to be made. With our system, you can set up a number of shift templates for regular working patterns and make scheduling quick, easy, and accurate.

The quicker schedules are created or updated, the sooner they can be released for employee review and feedback. Workers can then plan and organise their personal lives better, which is vital for their work-life balance. 

Track various staffing elements to stay compliant with relevant regulations

Labour laws and worker agreements regulate different workforce management elements, including things like overtime pay, breaks, holiday allowance, and record keeping. Tracking employee hours with our timesheets and time clocking features helps keep you on the right side of these laws as compliance violations can be automatically flagged.

Reduce employee no-shows and late arrivals

Unexpected absences and late staff arrivals can hinder productivity and render a perfectly created roster useless. For emergency workers, they can even put lives at risk. Using automated shift reminders, alerts can be sent to staff members the day before their shift, reminding them when they should report from work and where (if your company has multiple locations). Employees can also set their own reminders to suit their personal needs.

Keep staff up to date with easy, fast and secure communication options

Productive and effective operations require regular and effective communication. Our message and notification features keep everyone up to date with relevant information. You can reach your employees via email, text message, or push notifications. All of these can be customised to either go to all team members or a select few as needed.

Reduce administrative time with self-scheduling options

Giving employees customised self-service scheduling options eases your workload as a manager, freeing you up to be more productive elsewhere. Using our online scheduling tool, employees can request shifts, cancel shifts, swap shifts, or request time off. Following receipt of a system alert, managers can quickly approve, deny, or request modifications to the requests based on business needs.

Adapt to changes in employee availability

Even with the best-executed schedule, as your staff will know only too well, emergencies are going happen that prevent employees from showing up for their shift. The customisable messaging features of our scheduling tool makes it easier to quickly and efficiently fill a shift or look for an available employee when assigned staff members are unable to make it to work.

Enhance the sense of community by using the staff noticeboard

Notice boards are a great way to encourage dialogue among employees, as well as an opportunity to improve communication between staff and management. All of this goes a long way to establish or enhance a strong sense of community. We've included a built-in noticeboard where you can post notices about social activities, work-related events, conferences, meetings or upload essential documents.

Generate timely and accurate payroll data

Employees, a company’s biggest asset, are also its highest expense. Timely and accurate payroll is not only important for employee morale but for ensuring business continuity and compliance. By combining timesheets, schedules, regular pay, and overtime pay rates, our scheduling tool helps payroll managers produce payroll data faster and with greater accuracy.

Monitor factors that impact employee well-being

Emergency service personnel work in high-stress environments that can take a toll on their physical and mental health. Taking regular short breaks and longer vacations has positive benefits for both emergency workers and the people they serve. Our reporting tools can help managers and supervisors monitor these aspects to make sure their employees are not compromising their well-being or the quality of the services they provide.

Optimise coverage to prevent over or understaffing

Assigning shifts that align with your business needs not only keeps costs in line with budget estimates but also prevents fatiguing the workforce or compromising the services delivered. Built-in timesheet and time clock features allow the system to create staffing reports that can be used to optimise coverage to meet the requirements of the shift and prevent overstaffing or understaffing.

Cost effective pricing that allows for easy and affordable scalability

Staffing needs vary in the emergency service industry. The goal of our scheduling software is to help you meet those needs without blowing your budget. To this end, our service is priced per team, not per staff member. Discounts are also available if volunteer responders are used as part of your workforce.

Find out more about our pricing here.

Restore deleted data with automated backups

Accidentally deleting crucial scheduling data only serves to add to an activity that is already stressful. Our system is set up to automatically backup your data making the stress associated with accidental deletions a very distant memory. This is a particularly helpful tool when multiple users have advanced system access.

Start scheduling your staff online.

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