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Findmyshift is a fantastic online tool that gives me clear visibility of all of our cinemas' schedules through one easy website. - Neil Gardhouse, Picturehouse Cinemas
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Unlimited employees for $34 per month

It doesn't matter how many employees you're scheduling because our service is priced per schedule. That means that no matter how large your organization grows your scheduling costs will always be $34 per month. We also offer discounts for multiple schedules and charitable organizations.

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Drag & drop employee schedules

It's no secret that web-apps can be clunky, which is why we built ours from the ground up to look and feel more like a desktop application. We combined in-cell editing, drag & drop, copy & paste, right click menus and multi-cell selections for an easy, intuitive workspace.

Drag and drop scheduling

Timesheets and time clocking

Using timesheets you can record the actual hours your employees are working to track and compare them alongside their scheduled hours. Once you start collecting timesheet data you can then feed it into your payroll reports, budget reports, cost forecasts and more.


Automated shift reminders

When shifts are added or updated on your employee schedule the changes are tracked and converted into employee notifications. These notifications are then sent out to employees as emails, text messages or push notifications. Shift reminders can also sent to employees before their shifts start.

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