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With 19 years of feedback from thousands of managers, we're constantly refining our software to meet the needs of real businesses. With over a decade of development, Findmyshift is a stable, reliable and scalable scheduling service for all types of organizations, no matter how large or small.

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Time and attendance tracking, for free.

Our time clock application lets you track the hours your employees are working, so you can compare them against your schedule. It's also available free of charge.

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Time clock

Keep employees close at hand with our iOS and Android apps.

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Findmyshift is a fantastic online tool that gives me clear visibility of all of our cinemas' schedules through one easy website.

- Neil Gardhouse, Picturehouse Cinemas
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Manage your employees from anywhere.

Working from home or on the go? Findmyshift is with you wherever you need it. There's nothing to install and nothing to download. Everything you need to manage your employees is right here in your web browser.

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Get your employees onboard in under 10 seconds.

We've partnered with loads of your favorite apps so you can skip the setup stage. Take a look at the apps we support and if you need something added, let us know!

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Thousands of businesses already scheduling.

Since our first release in 2004, we've hosted more than 50 million shifts for thousands of companies, charities and volunteer organizations worldwide.

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Packed with features you'll love.

Drag & drop scheduling

Our simple, straightforward drag & drop shift planner keeps you focused on who you're scheduling, not how you're scheduling.

Timesheets & time clocking

Track the hours your employees are actually working with the built-in time clock and use automated reports for payroll and cost reporting.

Encryption & data security

All personal data in Findmyshift is encrypted. That includes all names, emails, passwords, phone numbers, facilities, shifts and any custom columns that are added.

Vacation management

Track employee vacations on your schedule to immediately see when employees are unavailable and calculate their remaining allowances.

Payroll calculator

Generate accurate payroll data by combining employee timesheets, schedules, pay rates and overtime rates.

Messaging & notifications

Messages and notifications can be sent to employees via email, text message or push notification. No more late-night phone calls!

Customizable database

Add new columns to Findmyshift's database to help sort and filter your data in ways unique to your organization.

Requests & cancellations

Pending manager approval, employees can log in to request shifts, cancel shifts and swap shifts with their colleagues.

Daily shift reminders

Automated shift reminders can be sent to your employees the day before their shift, letting them know when and where they're working.

Calendar integration

Access your staff roster from the calendar on your phone and set alarms for your upcoming shifts.


Smart pay rate calculation

Findmyshift can pay your employees different hourly rates for different times of the day, days of the week, employee age and more.

Lunch breaks

Deduct unpaid breaks from the reports to keep your payroll exports and cost forecasts accurate.

Document storage

Upload and share important documents with your employees, up to 10 megabytes in size.

Employee notice board

Use your private built-in notice board to post messages, upload documents and communicate with your employees.


Make accidental deletes a thing of the past, as you can always restore your data from one of our automated backups.

Amazon Alexa

Link Alexa to your Findmyshift account and ask "Alexa, when am I working next?".

Stored in the cloud

Our cloud architecture enables us to guarantee your roster's availability, providing you with reliability and security.

SSL encryption

All of the data sent between your browser and our server is encrypted using SSL, ensuring it stays private.

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