Adding employees to your team

Adding employees to your team is easy. This video will show you the steps required to add new employees manually, though you can also import your staff from an Excel spreadsheet or a number of other apps that we integrate with.

Removing employees from your team

Removing employees from your team requires you to set a finish date on their profile. Setting a finish date ensures that your all of the historical data in the system remains intact for reporting. If you were to delete an employee, their history would be lost.

Swapping shifts between employees

Swapping shifts between employees as a manager can be done in one of two ways. The first is via the "Employee view" and involves cutting and pasting the shifts. The second is via the "Facility view" and involves using the right click menu to swap the employee.

Publishing shifts

For your employees to be able to see the shifts you've assigned them you'll need to publish them first. To publish a shift or group of shifts, make your selection with the mouse, then right click and select "Publish". To hide shifts from employees, right click and select "Unpublish".

Recording time off

Time off can be recorded directly on the schedule or via the "Time off" page. In the video below we'll show you some of the quicker ways to add time off from the schedule. If you've added time off and need to edit it, you can always double click it on the schedule or edit it from the "Time off" page.

Setting up a time clock station

A time clock station is a secure point for your employees to clock in and out of their shifts. It is also possible for the time clock station to photograph staff as they clock in and out. This video will show you which settings to change and how to set up and authorize a time clock for your employees.

Approving timesheets

Timesheets submitted by employees must be approved by managers before they can be included in the reports. The "Timesheets" page allows managers to approve timesheets in bulk by selecting the entries with the mouse and either using the right click menu or pressing the enter key on their keyboard.

Adding employee pay rates

By adding employee pay rates administrators are able to track and forecast their labor costs in real-time. Pay rates can be entered as hourly rates, day rates or salaries. Pay rate exceptions can also be added, and will change the amount payable based on any number of different criteria, such as day, time or facility.

Approving requests and cancellations

When permitted, employees are able to make requests and cancellations to their upcoming shifts. These requests and cancellations can be approved by managers using the right click menu directly on the schedule. Once approved, a notification for the employee will be queued in the "Outbox".