-1.1.What data does Findmyshift store?

As a general rule we try to keep personal information about you and your business to a minimum, only storing what is necessary for the system to function. This is why most data fields in the system are optional.
When signing up as a manager for your free trial we only require your email address and a password.
Other than data entered by managers and employees, Findmyshift also stores support emails, access logs and error logs. This helps us ensure the site is operating as expected. Detailed access logs which include the IP address of the user may be kept for up to a week before being removed.
All payments are processed by third party payment providers and no credit card details are stored or handled by Findmyshift.

-1.2.What does Findmyshift do with your information?

Findmyshift will only ever use your data for generating the schedule and reports that you and your employees request.
We don’t share, sell or export your data to any third party that is not directly involved in the delivery of our services. Findmyshift does not use your personal data for marketing or business development and will only contact you for administrative or operational purposes associated with your subscription.
Unless troubleshooting a problem with your account, Findmyshift employees will only ever access your data when authorised by you to do so.

-1.3.How does Findmyshift safeguard your data?

Findmyshift's servers reside in a secure, world class data centre, firewalled and protected by a number of physical security layers.
For disaster recovery scenarios (power outages, network failures etc), customer data is routinely backed up, encrypted and replicated to a collection of secure off-site locations.
When data is stored in Findmyshift, all personal or identifiable information is encrypted, while all passwords are salted and hashed for maximum security.
Findmyshift is also registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (Reg. No. Z3140758) and is fully compliant with the UK’s Data Protection Act, which is in line with most international information protection laws and regulations.

-1.4.Can I delete my data?

If you signed up for the free one month trial and haven’t signed up as a customer, your schedule and all data entered will be deleted from our servers after 90 days of inactivity, so no action is required from you.
If you’re an existing customer and are thinking of leaving us, please get in touch to discuss any concerns you might have about leaving your data within Findmyshift.

-1.5.Does Findmyshift use cookies? If so, how?

Yes, and like most websites, cookies are integral to its operation. In particular, cookies are used to remember your log-in details and to keep your session active whilst using the site. In addition, cookies are also used to remember certain computer and user specific settings. Findmyshift also uses Google Analytics which needs to store a number of cookies to operate correctly.
If you want to know more about how and why cookies are used on websites, please visit this Wikipedia entry or get in touch with the team.

-1.6.What if I navigate to another website via Findmyshift?

Findmyshift may at times contain links to other websites which are outside of our control and are not covered by our privacy policy. If you access other sites using these links, the operators of these sites may collect and use your information from you which will be used by them in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours.

-1.7.Where can I find out more information?

If you have a specific question about how we protect your data then please get in touch.