Free for teams of 5 or less.

Running a business with 5 employees or less? Put away your wallet. We're giving away free employee scheduling software with an integrated time clock, timesheet component and real-time labor cost reporting.
Growing your team? More than 5 employees and you'll pay just $35 per month.

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You're in good company.

Since our first release in 2004, we've hosted more than 50 million shifts for thousands of companies, charities and volunteer organizations worldwide.

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Drag & drop scheduling

Our simple, straightforward drag & drop shift planner keep you focused on who you're scheduling, not how you're scheduling.

Payroll calculator

Generate accurate payroll data by combining employee timesheets, schedules, pay rates and overtime rates.

Messaging & notifications

Messages and notifications can be sent to employees via email, text message or push notification. No more late night phone calls!

Requests & cancellations

Pending manager approval, employees can log in to request shifts, cancel shifts and swap shifts with their colleagues.

Calendar integration

Access your staff roster from the calendar on your phone and set alarms for your upcoming shifts.


Smart pay rate calculation

Findmyshift can pay your employees different hourly rates for different times of the day, days of the week, employee age and more.

Start scheduling your employees for free.

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