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Take the time out of employee scheduling with our intuitive drag & drop planner. Do away with scheduling headaches and focus on food, drink, and happy paying customers.

Free for small venues, and geared up for growing ones.

Manage up to 5 people at no cost with our free plan, or add unlimited employees for just $35 a month. Manage everyone from front of house to KPs and chefs on one schedule. Pay annually and you can save even more, up to 20%.

We do our own payroll, and the reporting functions make it easy to download the info needed to populate our payroll spreadsheets. I'm not sure how we would manage without it now!

- Renee Bowler-Avdoulos, Caffeina Espresso Bar
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Payroll in a pinch

Get quick payroll data for your restaurant or bar from timesheets, pay grades, and deductible lunch breaks to see exactly what your costs are.

Simpler scheduling

Easily drag & drop shifts in seconds and ensure your restaurant schedule is always up-to-date.

Clear communication

Keep everyone in the loop with messaging and reminders to raise accountability. Never again fall foul of an understaffed kitchen!

Happy holidays

Ensure you’re covered for the festive season with holiday tracking and allowances for each employee.

Get your notices noticed

Swap the endless notices tacked up in the kitchen for a handy online message board between you and your employees.

Track time in no-time

Know the numbers with quick clock-ins to stay on top of employee hours in the kitchen, the floor, and the front all in one place.

Join hundreds of other cafes, bars and restaurants.

No credit card required, nothing to download, no newsletters and no surprises.