Organise your workplace

  1. Keep it simple and minimal. This article works well to highlight how counter productive clutter is. So start questioning the purpose of each item you have and if you struggle to find a reason to keep hold of something, then get rid and declutter!
  2. Keep it in your drawers. Knowing where things are, is key to a smooth flowing workday. Here are some great tips on where you should keep things and prioritising your desk drawers.
  3. A top top drawer! If you want to use your top drawer for important and most-used items, then stick to that rule. Here are some useful tips on how to get started.
  4. Small space? No excuses! have listed some very useful ways that people are organising small spaces.
  5. Chalk on, chalk off. While using the Findmyshift Noticeboard is the quickest and easiest way to share important information with your staff, if you did want to have a workplace noticeboard for sharing daily news and information, why not create your own on a chalkboard wall, with chalkboard paint.

10 Great Life Hacks for the Workplace

Office hacks

  1. A DIY Magnetic Stapler. Is there anything more annoying that trying to staple a stack of paper and the staple doesn't open up wide enough? Yes, of course, there are more annoying things than that, though it is fairly annoying. But this article shows you how you get around that. You're welcome!
  2. Binder Clips are your Best Friend. And here are 54 reasons why.
  3. Take them higher. Cables and plugs cluttering your floor? Use a wire basket hanging on the underside of your desk to raise them up and out of sight.
  4. Upcycle in style. Office desk tidy units don't have to be boring, plastic or ordered from a catalogue. Make your own and make them pretty. Like these.
  5. Pin it up. Keep your phone close to its charger with this holder or pin it up to stop it cluttering your desk - at your own risk!

Chalkboard wall paint

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