Occasionally you may need to pay your staff at a different rate, such as "time and a half" or double pay. To add a one off rate change to a shift, you will need to add a "pay rate adjustment" in the format: "x 1.5". Pay rate adjustments should consist of an "x" followed by the rate multiplier (e.g. "x 1.5" or "x 2") and should be placed beneath the shift so that Findmyshift knows which shift is affected.

By adding these pay rate adjustments to your roster, overtime can be calculated automatically and added to your reports. When you look at your reports you will see that overtime is distinguished and totalled separately from any non-overtime hours.

Pay rate adjustments can also be used in combination with staff breaks, so if you have already added an unpaid break to a shift, you can place the pay rate adjustment above or below the unpaid break.

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