Online Shift Scheduling for Professional ServicesHow Findmyshift’s features can help your business to run efficiently

There are plenty of challenges when you run your own professional services business.

And even though you might employ a highly skilled team who are very good at their trade, that doesn’t always mean they’re easy to manage.

After all, shift management should be easy.

You want people to spend less time working out rotas and more time delivering services to your customers.

Findmyshift makes scheduling easy for professional services companies thanks to a host of great features.

This post highlights the ways Findmyshift can make your rota management better than ever.

Simple scheduling

All you want to do is put the right people on the right job. And it can be just that simple! Don’t worry about complex spreadsheets or typing names in, just use our drag and drop editor to fill your shifts.

Our intuitive scheduler makes it easy to populate your rota quicker and fill your week up in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to crossed out paper rotas or endless Excel files and say hello to an easier way to schedule.

Timesheets and time clocks

You want to ensure you’re running a profitable and productive business where staff are rewarded for their efforts. That means paying employees for the time they actually work.

Our in-built time clock can capture the actual working hours your employees put in, and use these to populate their timesheets. It’s quick and easy to set up a time clock so they can punch in when they arrive and punch out when they leave or take a break.

This data is imported directly into their timesheets with each time matched to GPS data ensuring they’re where they need to be.

That means fair pay for everyone and a true picture of how long each job takes. Perfect for helping you to cost the next job!

Pay per team, not per employee

If you’re a growing business, you don’t want to be charged more for adding extra employees to your rota. With Findmyshift, you’ll pay the same low monthly cost whether you have 6 employees or 16.

Our pre-built plans cover teams up to 300 team members, and there’s even a free option if you have 5 employees or fewer. You can view all our pricing plans here or get in touch for a custom quote if you have unique requirements.

Holiday management made easy

It can be frustrating putting together a well made rota only to realise that one of the people you’ve scheduled is off on holiday or otherwise unavailable. And trying to keep all the possible absences and availability issues in mind as you go is even trickier.

Luckily, Findmyshift shows you any employees absences as you’re scheduling, so you never need to worry about checking if someone’s available. Instead, you’ll see time off reflected right there in the rota.

You also have access to holiday requests from any managerial account, and can even appoint time off managers to help review and act on requests. This makes it a breeze to ensure that holidays and time off requests and handled fairly and efficiently.

Keep a handle on costs

In these testing financial times, you can’t afford to be lax when it comes to controlling your business’s costs. Ensuring you have enough cash coming in to cover your expenses is a delicate but essential balancing act.

But it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Findmyshift shows you projected payroll costs as you schedule, intelligently combining your rota with pay rates so that you know in advance what each week will cost. Use that data to make informed decisions and keep your balance happily in the black.

Keep staff updated

Your customers expect a certain level of service, and sometimes that involves taking on jobs or moving shifts around at short notice. Our messaging and notification features ensure that you have multiple ways to update your employees if there’s a change to your rota.

Forget late night phone calls wondering if you’re disturbing them, and quickly send notifications through email, text, and push notifications as needed.

Shift reminders reduce no shows

The last thing you want on a busy day is a member of staff forgetting that they’re meant to be working. Automated shift reminders help cut down on absences by reminding employees of their upcoming shifts.

Whether they have a regular schedule or a new time and day every week, you can keep them in the loop on their commitments. Fewer missed shifts mean greater customer satisfaction, less overtime, and an improved workplace culture.

Shifts that integrate with their calendar

There’s another way to make sure that you don’t have scheduling clashes. Employees have access to their shifts from the calendars on their phones, making it easier for them to plan around their commitments and strike a healthy work-life balance.

This will avoid mix ups like staff making other plans for days they didn’t realise they were scheduled to work and then having to cancel one commitment or the other.

One place for all your notices

Our integrated notice board provides a single port of call for any company-wide information or employee messages you need to share. Add documents, get feedback, and generate conversation all in one place.

Whether you’re sharing the latest regulations you need to keep on top of or planning the latest company night out, you’ve got a convenient place to do so.

Your data kept secure

Thanks to a system of data encryption and a robust cloud architecture, your scheduling information remains yours and yours alone. Our server keeps the latest version of your rota secure and available to your employees while keeping wannabe intruders out.

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