Whether you're looking for real-life inspiration, a little self-help or a good book to help you unwind with, here are ten great titles to consider, penned by some of the internet and business world's most successful people.

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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

If you compare self-help business books to pop music then Malcolm Gladwell would be the Madonna. His books have sold in their millions and Blink which studies the way people think and make decisions is one of his most popular. A thought-provoking read...

Small is the New Big by Seth Godin

For many there really is a God in Seth Godin as he continues to innovate, inspire and motivate marketing and entrepreneurial professionals with his wisdom and knowledge. This collection of advice dished out on his popular blog is perfect for dipping in and out of during the day when a little encouragement is required. Keep this book on your desk!

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau gained worldwide notoriety with this book and his follow-up online project, The Art of Non-Conformity. Few will fail to be moved by his enlightening ideas about how uncomplicated both business and life should be in order to succeed.

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Altucher's best-selling book was self-published, which very much echoes the message of this book; that we should choose ourselves in order to progress and profit where it really matters. Learn about his Daily Practices - and how he lost it all, twice - in this uplifting look at what's really important in life.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Time Ferris is King of using the internet to create a global (million dollar!) empire, just on a working week that lasts 4 hours. It's mind-boggling (or a little bonkers!) to think that everyone else can replicate this, but if you're curious than this is the book for you.

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

This short and visually sweet book catapulted Austin Kleon to fame and made him one of the most in demand illustrators in North America. Catchy and wise in equal measure, Steal Like an Artist is great for anyone who believes in the power of being yoursefl... while stealing like an artist, of course.

The Element by Ken Robinson

For teachers and those who work in education, Sir Ken Robinson is something of an idol thanks to his pioneering approach to children's learning which was neatly summarised in his now very famous TED talk. This book is a study of creativity and it compiles many success stories to highlight what happens when talent meets passion - inspiring stuff!

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

William J. H. Boetcker famously said that "Confidence is the foundation for all business relations" and this is the book for working on that. Brené Brown, whose TED talk about the Power of Vulnerability has been watched over 12 million times. This book goes deeper than the talk and helps rid us of our natural prejudices about risk-taking in business and in life.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

If productivity and time-management is something you struggle with then this is considered the ultimate guide on "GTD", aka Getting Things Done. It seems to have worked for the author as the book and the philosophy have made him a millionaire.

Zen To Done by Leo Babauta

And if GTD sounds too corporate to you then why not try ZTD - or Zen To Done - Leo Babauta's approach to productivity. Leo's blog Zen Habits shares his journey from disorganised and disillusioned to a dream-chasing success, plus he has six kids so he must know a thing or two about time management!

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