The Best Podcasts for Small Business Managers

Why small business managers should listen to podcasts

While managing a small business can be a unique challenge, in the age of the internet, you’re never truly alone to face those hurdles. Whatever difficulties managers face, you can bet that someone else has had the same problem, and there's often a good chance that they've shared their experience online. One of the ways people are doing this is with podcasts, and podcasts for small businesses are growing in popularity and range.

Podcasts are one of the best ways to digest information, as you can fit them in as part of your daily routine during your commute or while you’re busy with other things. They are the go-to choice for busy, multi-tasking professionals seeking that next inspirational hint on the go.

UK podcast listening figures continue to rise year on year, with nearly 1 in 4 adults having listened to one. With so much choice available, finding a good management and business podcast can be difficult, so we’ve done some research for you to find some great podcasts that offer small business advice with a managerial slant.

Whether you want to learn how to build stronger working relationships with your employees, boost sales through new marketing tactics, or keep up to date with the latest in your industry, these management podcasts should be essential listening.

This is Your Life

Michael Hyatt’s successful leadership podcast has been running for 8 seasons. It’s currently on hiatus awaiting season 9, but there’s more than enough back catalogue material online to keep you going! He covers every aspect of leadership, focus, passion, and personal growth. It’s a great listen for almost any topic, with episodes on productivity, honing your conversational skills, and goal-setting among recent offerings. Listen here.

HBR Ideacast

The acronym in the name gives you an idea of the prestige here - Ideacast is produced by the Harvard Business Review and is a very professional weekly operation. It boasts over 600 episodes that give you access to valuable ideas and discussions with experts in a host of fields. Recent highlights include tips for negotiation, hiring, and why leaders should also be teachers. Check it out here.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Diane Helbig’s long-running and highly-rated show features the business and leadership coach talking to a different expert guest each episode. Don’t be put off by its slightly dated feel; its strong focus on how to use each lesson to move your business forward is invaluable. The level of detail the show goes into is unparalleled, with topics as specific as how to engage and retain Millennials. Find it here.  

Social Triggers Insider

This podcast, like any good business, keeps a clear focus on customers, but it also does so from a slightly different angle than most, with an emphasis on the psychology behind buying and selling. If you want to get into customers’ heads, this is a fantastic resource. Host and serial entrepreneur Derek Halpern uses his extensive marketing experience to good effect. Learn more here.

Engaging Leader

The focus here is on communicating, engaging, and leading, and host Jesse Lahey’s direct style, while not for everyone, can be inspirational to the right audience. He gets to the point in each episode, for example, the episode on multi-tasking starts with why it makes you “dumb and ineffective”. If you want to challenge traditional ways of working, Jesse’s arguments will help you do just that. Get it here.   

The Fitness Business Podcast

Providing pretty much exactly what it says in the title, the fitness industry focus of this show provides business tips and professional development ideas perfect for managers and small business owners in the fitness niche. Host Chantal combines her passion for fitness with her extensive marketing experience perfectly. Catch it here.

Total Retail

One of the most wide-ranging podcasts, despite its specific focus, Total Retail covers retail industry news and trends as well as the more standard offerings of interviews and tips. If time isn’t on your side - and that’s often true for retail managers! - then this is a great quick listen at just 15 minutes. Grab it here.  

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Hotel marketing is the topic of conversation here, with each episode focusing on quick, actionable, and effective tips to boost your chances in the hospitality industry. Hosted by Stuart Butler, CEO of hotel marketing agency Fuel, this delivers real value without being too salesy about who’s behind it. Get your tips here.

We hope these podcasts help you take your managerial and business performance to the next level.

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