Findmyshift is used by many medical and emergency health departments and so it's a pleasure to share one of our customer's stories with you today.

Customer Story: Austin Health Emergency Department

About Austin Health Emergency Department

Covering several suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Austin Health is a major provider of tertiary health services as well as professional health education and research in Victoria. With three hospitals, 980 beds and more than 5000 employees, Austin Health is a vast operation, and the Emergency Department is one of the busiest areas of Austin Hospital.

We asked Pascal Gelperowicz, Director of Training Emergency Medicine - who was in charge of the team's move from spreadsheets to online schedules - to explain how having a web-based scheduling system helps both managers and employees working in the Emergency Department.

How and why they started using Findmyshift

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Prior to using Findmyshift, Pascal identified that there were a number of problems associated with the way they were managing employee schedules and they all needed resolution quickly.

Having multiple people responsible for scheduling and no central place to store schedules meant that managers were spending a lot of time duplicating changes and employees didn't have instant access to an up to date schedule. In a department that sees over 68,000 patient admissions in a year, time was not something they had to waste. There were also issues of security of the schedules, and there was no way to back up and keep records of previous schedules.

Pascal started to search for a service to solve all these problems in late 2010. After evaluating a number of different products, he decided on Findmyshift and went about implementing it across the Emergency Health Department in January 2011.

"Price, ease of use and customer service were all important factors," Pascal explained to us when we asked him why he decided to go with Findmyshift. It also helped that the 30-day free trial let them get used to the system before they committed to buying.

"It took one day of transferring all the data to the system" including around 600 employees and multiple working areas and Pascal says that following this there was "immediate acceptance" of Findmyshift among all employees.

The benefits of using Findmyshift

Pascal explains that one of the biggest benefits of using Findmyshift is the time that is being saved as scheduling is much quicker, completely centralised and accessible at any time. He equates the time saved in terms of employee hours and his estimate is that Findmyshift has saved Austin Health as much as three full-time employees. In other words, that's a saving of up to $100,000 (AUD) a year.

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Another positive has been the improvement of employee punctuality. With all employees having access wherever they are, and the option for shift reminders to be sent to employees' phones, Pascal estimates that there has been a 25% improvement in employees arriving at work on time. This is another money-saving benefit!

When we asked Pascal to summarise his experience of Findmyshift he added the following:

"Findmyshift has revolutionised our rostering! It's easy to use - even for the computer newbie - and it provides an appealing visual cue to the day ahead even with multiple areas of staffing and large numbers of employees. It is accessible on any device, syncs automatically and provides the ability for our employees to find shift swaps with ease."

Thanks, Pascal!

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Pascal Gelperowicz is Director of Training Emergency Medicine at Austin Health. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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