Easy online employee scheduling

There's no doubt about it - managing employee schedules is tricky. That's why we designed our scheduler to look and feel like an Excel spreadsheet - simple, intuitive and no training required.

Create schedules like you're editing a spreadsheet

Working on your schedule is just like working in Excel - click on a cell, type your text and hit enter. What you type is up to you, but if you enter shift times ("9-5" or "9:00am-5:00pm"), we'll use these hours for shift reminders and reporting. Our free-form editor lets you add as many items to as many cells as you like.

Drag & drop shifts, employees, facilities and comments

With true drag & drop scheduling, swapping shifts couldn't be easier. Just click it, drag it and drop it. Want to make a copy of a shift instead of swapping it? Hold down the shift key. Our drag & drop editor was built for speed and simplicity, so you can manage your team quickly and easily.

Multi-cell editing

Need to make a lot of changes? Our multi-cell editor lets you add and edit shifts on up to 140 days at once.

Calendar integration

Access your staff roster from the calendar on your phone and set alarms for your upcoming shifts.

Reusable templates

Create and store templates of repeating shift patterns so you can schedule faster and smarter.

Your employees will always have access to the latest schedule

Whether they're working on-site, from home or on the go, your team's schedule is always available to them. Employees can request shifts, submit cancellations, swap shifts, access their schedules (past, present and future), receive shift reminders and post to the team notice board. Between the desktop site, mobile site and mobile apps, your team will always be connected.

Respond to shift requests from your employees on the schedule

With our built in shift request process, your employees are able to request and cancel shifts online, directly from their schedule. We'll send you a notification, which you can use to respond to the request and notify the employee. No more paperwork, no more phone calls.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do my employees log in?After adding employees to your team, the easiest way for them to access their schedule is to send them an automated welcome message. These are queued in the "Outbox", ready to be sent by you or another manager. These welcome messages include links for your employees to choose their passwords and log in to Findmyshift.
  • How can I send the schedule to all my employees?Keeping your employees updated is easy. After you publish a change to the schedule, you'll find change notifications queued in the "Outbox" waiting for approval. These notifications will let your employees know which dates have changed and what their new shifts are. You can also send a copy of the schedule (up to 4 weeks at a time) by attaching it to an email, using the "Send a message" menu.
  • Can employees access the schedule on their phone?They can! We have an app for Android, an app for iOS and a mobile version of our website which works in any modern browser. They can also access the desktop version of our website from their phone's browser if they need to.
  • Can I export my schedule?Yes, you can export your schedule at any time in as a PDF, an Excel or an HTML file. You can also export the data (shift times, employees, facilities, comments and time off) using one of the many reports we provide.
  • Does Findmyshift support overnight shifts?Findmyshift does support overnight shifts. All reminders, reports and pay calculations have been developed to handle shifts that start and finish on different days.
  • Can I create repeating shift patterns?Yes, you can easily create repeating shift patterns by saving them in our "Templates" area. To create a template, click the "Templates" button on top of your schedule, enter your shift pattern and save. To apply the template, select the cells that you want to apply the template to, click "Templates" and choose the template that you would like to apply.

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