Employee scheduling made simple

Putting an employee schedule together is hard enough without having to learn a complex new tool. That's why we designed our scheduler from scratch, adding features such as point & click editing, drag & drop shift swaps, right click menus, multi-cell selections, keyboard shortcuts, copy & paste, and more.

Know when your employees are at work

If you're paying your employees for the hours they're on-site, recording and storing their hours is important. By having employees clock in and out for their shifts, you can produce accurate (down to the second) timesheets, helping you calculate exactly how much they should be paid. You can also receive notifications when employees arrive late, leave early, or don't show up for their shift.

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Time clock

Get insights while you work with real-time reporting

Using Findmyshift you can track and forecast employee hours, costs and head-counts in real-time, while you're scheduling. Our payroll calculations work for part-time and full-time employees, paid hourly, daily or by salary. You'll also find a dashboard with more than 40 metrics to visualize and explore your data.

Reminders and notifications

Reminders and notifications work seamlessly with your schedule, and can be completely automated, whether that's notifying employees about changes to their schedule, or sending reminders about their next shifts. With last-minute changes, swaps and cancellations, it's important to ensure everyone's kept up to date.

Time off management

To schedule your employees effectively you'll need a record of who's available. Using Findmyshift, you can record time off directly on your schedule, blocking employees off to avoid any scheduling conflicts. You can also approve (or reject) time off requests from your employees alongside the schedule, cutting out the paperwork.

Integrations and partnerships

Synchronize your employee lists, import/export your time clock data, receive notifications through Slack, or just find out when you're working next with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Developer API

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