Easy Ways to Boost Team MoraleHow to build a productive and positive team

Shockingly, 51% of employees are said to be “not engaged” when it comes to their work.

Employees with such low morale will have a diminished work output, have a negative influence on surrounding staff, and can ultimately have a damaging impact on your business.

Conversely, positive employee morale leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency, a higher quality of work, and a reduction in staff turnover.

Employees with high morale are also less likely to take days off as a result of stress, helping you to reduce your business costs.

Staff morale is a direct reflection of your company’s culture and there are some strategies that you can incorporate to improve morale and get the best out of your team. Here are six easy ways to boost team morale.

Communicate often

Be sure to facilitate and encourage communication at every opportunity. Scheduling meetings or one-to-ones will give employees a safe space to voice any concerns they may have. As a result, your employees will feel that their opinions are heard and valued.

Additionally, it is also important to share both positive and negative company announcements—this can be in person or through an online notice board.

By being transparent and keeping your staff in the loop, your employees will respect your honesty and be encouraged to work collaboratively to resolve any issues.

Demonstrate employee recognition

When leaders recognise the strengths and contributions of their staff, employee morale will increase tremendously. Workplace recognition will motive employees, improve their self-worth, and allow them to feel valued for their work.

Recognition can come in many forms ranging from a single bonus, to a voucher, to a simple “thank you”. Whichever form you choose, you will notice a boost in employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Promote a healthy work-life balance

Reports have shown that 46% of office workers don’t stop looking at their screen until the end of the working day. Such working habits are a shortcut to burnout and low morale.

It is important to encourage your employees to take lunch breaks and step away from the desk. By simply grabbing a coffee, talking a walk outside, or eating lunch in a designated break room, your employees can return to work happier and mentally refreshed.

Similarly, it is vital that you urge your staff to take their annual leave. Encouraging employees to take time off will ensure that they will experience less burnout, stress, and exhaustion. As a result, you will have a team of happier workers who are refreshed and in tip top condition.

Provide employee growth opportunities

Employees will have a sense of purpose if they have a clear goal to work towards. Ask your employees where they would like to be in five years’ time and then help them to take steps towards that goal.

Employee growth can be a job promotion, taking on new responsibilities, or undertaking training courses. By providing growth opportunities, your team will have increased morale, motivation, and company loyalty.

Organise team building activities and have fun

Positive morale is closely linked to how employees feel about their team members. It’s therefore prudent to organise fun and creative team building activities.

Such activities will lead to a collaborative and motivated work culture, aid problem solving, enhance productivity, and significantly boost morale.

Similarly, it’s also vital to make laughter a part of the workplace. There are times to be serious at work, however, having a team who can relax, have a laugh, and connect with each other will create a positive, engaging, and cooperative atmosphere.

Decorate the workplace with plants

A simple yet effective way to boost staff morale is to introduce some greenery into the workplace. Studies have shown that decorating your office with plants can significantly boost morale and productivity.

In fact, 70% of people have said that plants generally improved the office atmosphere.

For those remote working employees, send a plant for their home office or a seed for them to care for. As plants also clean the air from harmful pollutants, your employees will benefit both mentally and physically.

A boost in morale will boost your business

Staff morale is the backbone of any business. If you start to notice signs of low morale in your team, act fast and begin to introduce the above strategies.

High morale is ultimately achieved when employees feel taken care of by their company. In return, your business will receive a boost from a positive, energetic, motivated, and loyal workforce.

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