Scheduling for Hotels and Events VenuesHow our shift scheduling features can work for your business

Hotels and events venues demand serious organisation skills when it comes to scheduling bookings and staff members for shifts.

The pressure is on to provide an expert service to a large number of guests; having adequate staff on duty is essential to achieve customer satisfaction—and to avoid staff burnout.

That’s why at Findmyshift, our software is made with ease and reliability in mind. Managers can easily create shift rotas for staff members to accommodate busier nights, and use the event planner to stay organised and block out certain rooms, functions or services.

But let’s take a look at some of our other quality features that will revolutionise your time management, organisation and planning.

Customisable events planner

Our drag and drop planner can be used for both shift creation and events planning. This feature allows you to block out certain rooms, functions or services to match a booking, and schedule the number of staff members you’ll need for the shift.

With a clear planner like this, businesses can benefit from smoother shifts and services, increased customer satisfaction and improved staff punctuality.

Schedule ahead for big events nights and bookings

Striking the right balance with the number of staff required to meet the demand of a booking can be tricky. Managers can sometimes make the mistake of putting too many, as well as too little, members of staff on certain shifts.

But when it comes to planning for events and hotels, advanced schedules and organised planning is crucial for a seamless service and for the guest’s experience. Some events will be bigger than others, and you may have multiple to juggle on certain days compared to others.

Our software allows you to plan the rota in advance and schedule the cover you need for busier and quieter events. This also boosts staff morale as they can plan their own lives outside of work ahead of time.

We know how hotels and events venues take their bookings seriously, so don’t let the staff rota be one area of organisation that lets you down!

Shift requests and cancellations

There’s nothing worse than preparing for a big event or booking, and then suddenly finding the shift understaffed.

If the rota is constantly unveiled to staff with little notice, this can impinge on staff members’ work-life balance and even their mental health. After all, employees need wind-down time to rejuvenate themselves for the next shifts ahead.

But when the rota is released at the last minute, staff burnout and dissatisfaction with the job is common. And even so, it is vital for companies to ensure that staff members can swap their shifts and request time off.

At Findmyshift, our shift scheduling software allows employees to swap shifts with one another and even request shifts, which can be denied or approved at the manager’s discretion. Because the information is stored digitally, this can be achieved seamlessly while also keeping everyone informed of the shift alteration ahead of time.

Our software can also set shift reminders for staff members, so that they never miss a shift.

Rota accessibility for staff

One of our most complimented features in our software is how accessible the rota is for staff. Not only can it notify employees of their shifts, but the rota calendar can be viewed on most platforms.

This includes access from personal mobile phones, so staff are able view their schedule from any time, any place.

Templates for speed

After a certain amount of time in the industry, managers know exactly what a shift pattern will look like to cater for certain events.

Whether there’s a wedding, stag/hen night, New Year’s celebration or a large birthday party—venues must be prepared with adequate staff members.

Fortunately, managers can create a common working pattern that can be replicated time and time again by using our template function.

Our software allows you to make numerous templates, making it easy to schedule shifts in accordance with the size of the booking and using it reliably each and every time. This can save you on both time and effort, letting you reuse the same shift template effortlessly per booking size.

Planned break times

When it comes to preparing and serving an event, fitting in break times per each employee can become difficult. After all, peak times will inevitably increase demand, but giving staff members a break is crucial for their wellbeing—and is a legal requirement in the UK.

It makes sense to plan break times in advance. With our software, you can stagger the times employees will be off the floor and oversee the shift to ensure you have enough staff available when those larger bookings arrive.

Annual leave allowance

No matter what industry you work in, planning annual leave requests can be a headache. The festive season is particularly difficult as most venues experience a peak in demand, yet staff members simultaneously want time off to spend time with their loved ones.

However, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, planning and allowing annual leave is incredibly straightforward with our shift scheduling software. You can oversee the year ahead and immediately identify areas where staff would be unable to request time off, and where staff are able to take their leave.

In return, your staff will feel much happier knowing that their holiday request is safely secured and noted ahead of time. This also means managers won’t need to dash around to find cover when there are numerous staff members on holiday.

Only one payment

The best news about our software? You pay for what you get. You don’t need to pay per schedule, rota or service—you can pay upfront on a monthly basis to access all the features at the same time.

What this means is that there is no limit on numbers: you can have as many templates, schedules and staff members on the software as you want. Even part-time and casual staff members can be added at no extra cost.

Start scheduling your employees online.

No credit card required, nothing to download, no mailing lists and no surprises.