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Who's it for?

Timesheets and time clocking are for organizations that want to track the actual hours their employees are working. The actual hours that are recorded can be used throughout all of the built-in reports and can also be used to generate payroll data.


The new "Timesheets" view is where employees enter the hours they work and is also where managers can approve or amend those hours. The data entered on the "Timesheets" view is safely isolated from your schedule, so employees can't make changes their schedule.

Time clocking

Using the new time clock application, employees are able to clock in and out to record the start and end of their shift. Time clocking can be made available on the website, or it can be restricted to one computer, set up as a dedicated time clocking station.

How do I get started?

If you've already got a schedule up and running and your employees have access, all you need to do is switch on a couple of settings under "Settings" > "General". To enable timesheets, tick "Enable timesheets", and to enable the time clock application, tick "Enable time clocking".

Once these settings are activated, you'll see a new settings page called "Time clock", a new view called "Timesheets", and a new report called "Time clock". You'll also find a new option titled "Timesheet data" under the "Options" of each report .

Find out more

For more information about the timesheets, time clocking and reporting, click here.

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