Christmas is coming and before you know it, the Secret Santa sack will appear in the staff room and you'll be asked to pick a name out of a hat. Be prepared ahead of time with these twelve gift ideas for your colleagues and co-workers.

Happy pills

Funny gift ideas for him

  1. Colour Me Shave - Coloured shaving foam that also promises a smooth and fragrant shave.
  2. A comedy tape dispenser - The tastefully named "Butt Station" sticky tape dispenser is toilet humour at its most literal and most useful!
  3. Moustache Mug - Just when you thought Movember was over...

Funny gift ideas for her

  1. Happy Pills - One you can make yourself. All you need is a jar, a printer or good handwriting and a lot of sweets. All she needs is a good sense of humour so choose your victim wisely!
  2. Cloud Umbrella - She won't care what the weatherman says... because when she looks up she sees blue skies.
  3. I Met and Liked Notebook - Of course, the "Bosses I Met and Liked" was the one that caught our eye but any of these could apply...

Useful gift ideas for him

  1. Ninjabread Men Cutters - Get him baking more cookies for the office with these kung-fu fighting gingerbread ninja cutters.
  2. Fishbowl Desk Tidy - If your office is a pet-friendly environment give the man with the perpetually messy desk a golden (fish) reason to keep it tidy.
  3. Smartphone-friendly gloves - No Smartphone addicted men should be without these gloves that you can use on phone and tablet screens.

Useful gift ideas for her

  1. Customised Luggage Tag - Get a little creative and make a personalised luggage tag for a co-worker who loves to travel.
  2. Mug Warmer - For the woman who never sits still long enough to finish her cup of coffee while it's still warm.
  3. Spa in a jar - Another DIY gift that will be loved by the recipient. Pick out sweet-smelling soaps, lotions and creams for your colleague to pamper herself with.

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