If your employee's vacation allowances reset at different times of the year you will need to run the time off report multiple times, once for each employee.

When calculating vacation, Findmyshift does not automatically reset the allowances on any specific date of the year. Instead, each time you run a report your employee allowances begin at zero, and for each day of the report the allowance will increase. As an example, if you run a report for a six month period and your employees have a 20 day allowance over the year, the report will show an allowance of 10 days, regardless of the date range.

Please note that the vacation start date option under "Settings" > "Time off" does not impact the time off report in any way, other than acting as a short-cut by selecting the default date range when you first open the report. Employee allowances are not reset on this date.

If you need your employee allowances to roll-over from one year to the next, you would need to start the time off report when their first vacation allowance began. If your report spans multiple years the vacation allowances will accumulate as there is no automatic allowance reset.

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