Employee Scheduling for Hospitals, Health Centres, and Medical Facilities

All around the world, medical facilities use Findmyshift to manage their staff scheduling. From doctors' surgeries to hospital wards, emergency medical responders to radiology clinics, hospices to laboratories, scheduling medical professionals and support staff, using an online system saves managers lots of time and money. It can also help ensure staffing levels are efficient and labour costs aren't more than they need to be.

Read on to find out the many benefits of moving staff scheduling for hospitals and healthcare centres to an online system.

Get everyone on one schedule

Scheduling can get expensive for organisations with a lot of employees, but not with Findmyshift. We offer our services priced per rota, so whether you want to coordinate a ward, department, or the whole hospital on one schedule, you can. There’s no limit on the number of employees you can add to a single rota, and we offer discounts if you want to have more than one.

As well as being cost effective, one of the big advantages of having more employees connected through a shared schedule is that it gives you oversight of staffing levels in real time. It’s easy to see how well staffed you are across roles, departments, and the site as a whole. And there is no limit to how far in advance you can schedule staff so you can give employees their shifts far in advance, and also ensure you have plenty of time to provide cover or solve scheduling problems should they arise.

Reporting is easy when you’ve got such detailed oversight - you can read more about Findmyshift’s reporting capabilities in this post.

Balance easy access with managerial control

You don’t want your employees spending a long time logging their hours - they’ve got patients to look after! Instead, Findmyshift's online employee scheduling is a quick and easy way for them to access their rota and track their shifts from anywhere, allowing them to focus on their jobs.

The built-in time clock feature makes it simple for employees to record their actual working times, so they can be remunerated appropriately and so that management have visibility of the real hours worked. Having time-stamped reports of shift timings increases transparency around pay and tardiness, so can help prevent tensions in these areas, and also leads to more accurate cost reporting and forecasting. Employees simply log in to their shifts when they start work and out again as they leave, with options available to verify attendance through location monitoring or photographs at these points.

Despite the ease of access, you still remain completely in control, with permissions for managers ensuring you retain oversight and approval for any changes to the planned shifts. See leave requests, shift swaps, and cancellations all from your priority dashboard so you have eyes on every change you want to see.

Simple online scheduling for all medical professionals

We appreciate the variety of jobs that need to be coordinated within a hospital, which is why we make it easy to customise roles, shifts, and rotas to suit the many different professionals working in the same place.

You can add custom columns and formatting that ensure your rota captures the complexity of the centre you’re managing, all while keeping scheduling quick and easy. Custom columns are a great way to capture certain skillsets, so that if you find you need a specialist role, you can quickly search for the qualified people and get them scheduled.

Equally, shift pattern templates save you time by replicating the same weekly shifts. You can save plenty of different patterns as templates, so whether it’s a regular night shift or your “on call” personnel, it’s easy to keep on top of all the requirements your health centre has. To learn more, read this post about how shift templates can save you time.

Noticeboards keep your employees up to date

With safety paramount for hospitals and healthcare centres, the easier it is to disseminate important information, the better. The online noticeboards built into Findmyshift are the perfect way to share updates, policies, and guidelines to a shared, accessible space. You can attach files, start discussions, and use group messaging to ensure you get crucial information across and understood.

Manage leave requests with ease

Findmyshift not only handles leave requests, giving you a single place to capture all the holidays and absences for your employees, but it also automatically tracks allowances, so you can see who might soon be due a break. If someone has a lot of leave left to be taken and no holidays in the calendar, you can spot this and be sure to agree a plan for it as early as possible to minimise scheduling headaches.

Breaks already built in

We know that healthcare professionals are among the most industrious employees out there, so it’s no surprise they need the odd break! With Findmyshift, you can track employee break times, as well as their clocking in and out, to accurately record and reward their hard work.

Roll on the reminders

From doctor’s surgeries to clinics and hospitals to hospices, all types of medical centres have an incredible range of staff working all hours of the day and night. That can make it difficult for employees to keep track of when they’re due to be working! We’ve integrated a host of different ways to keep employees updated on their shifts to ensure they always have the information they need to hand.

You can use Findmyshift’s internal messaging system for public and private communication with your employees. There are also options to send emails, text reminders, and in-app notifications for updates on the go. Staff can stay connected anytime by logging into the app or the Findmyshift site to check when and where they’re meant to be. These reminders are very effective at improving employee punctuality which saves you a lot of time and money, and potentially also peoples' lives.

Start scheduling your staff online.

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