Getting started with push notifications

In addition to email and text messages, you can also receive push notifications on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. To get started, you'll first need to install one of the following:

Pushover: available on iTunes or on Google Play.
Notify my Android: available on Google Play.
Once your app is installed you'll be prompted to create an account. After you register, the next step is to generate your unique API key. Once you have an API key, open your contact preferences on Findmyshift and click "Push notifications" and follow the instructions. (You can find a link to your contact preferences in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, below your roster, when you're logged in to Findmyshift.)

If you then return to your contact preferences, you can now select which alerts you would like to receive as push notifications.
Setting Up Push Notifications

Please note that Findmyshift takes no responsibility for third party apps and cannot be held liable for any damages or costs incurred relating to the installation of the apps or the use of push notifications. Always check your data plan before enabling push notifications.

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