Keep your team connected

Great teams are built on great communication. Give your team access to powerful messaging tools and intelligent automated shift reminders.

Automatic shift reminders to reduce missed shifts

Automated shift reminders mean your staff will always know when and where they are working. Reminders can be configured by staff to be sent during specific time windows and up to 30 days in advance.

Reminder for TodayYour shifts for today are:
9:00am - 5:00pm.
Reminder for TomorrowYour shifts for tomorrow are:
9:00am - 5:00pm.
Reminder for ThursdayYour shifts for Thursday are:
9:00am - 5:00pm.

Emails, texts and push notifications help to keep everyone up to date

Active rosters can change often and it's important that everyone's kept up to date with relevant changes. Findmyshift helps by sending notifications for roster changes, cancellations, requests, and shift swaps.

Unlimited messages

It is (and always will be) free to receive shift reminders, emails, push notifications and Slack messages.

Birthday reminders

Never miss a chance to celebrate with automated upcoming birthday reminders.

Slack integration

Send notifications and shift reminders to your staff directly through Slack.

Start a conversation with your team notice board

Planning your Christmas party? Your virtual notice board is the perfect place for group discussions with your staff. Bring the team together!

Quick and easy group notifications

Sending updates to groups of staff is easy with our batch "Send a message" feature. In just two clicks, you can broadcast emails, texts, and push notifications to all of your staff members.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I invite new staff members to log in to Findmyshift?After adding a new staff member, a welcome message will be queued in the "Outbox". When sent, this message will include a link for your staff member to choose a password for their Findmyshift account. These welcome messages aren't sent automatically, so a manager will need to visit the "Outbox" and send them manually after adding new staff members. If the welcome message is lost or deleted, the "Send a message" menu can be used to compose a custom welcome message for any new staff - messages sent from here will also include password links for any staff members that haven't chosen a Findmyshift password.
  • How do I send a group message to all my staff?Group messages can be sent via the "Send a message" menu. From here you can write your message, choose the recipients, their delivery methods (email, text message or push notification), attach one or more files, and also attach a copy of your staff roster.
  • How do the shift reminders work?Shift reminders can be sent to staff automatically up to 30 days before their shift is scheduled to begin, either via email or push notification. Staff can specify the time of the day and the number of days in advance that they would like to receive their reminders.
  • What does it cost to send reminders and notifications to my staff?Reminders and notifications are free when you choose to send emails or push notifications. We only charge for text messages (SMS) - but these are optional of course. For more information about text message pricing, please see our pricing page.

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