Getting startedDuration: 22 minutes
Payroll, pay rates, exceptions and breaksDuration: 31 minutes
SettingsDuration: 32 minutes
Timesheets and time clockingDuration: 17 minutes
Time saving shortcutsDuration: 12 minutes
Time offDuration: 21 minutes
Charge-out ratesDuration: 6 minutes
FiltersDuration: 7 minutes
BudgetsDuration: 5 minutes
Custom columnsDuration: 3 minutes
TemplatesDuration: 6 minutes
Adding staff to your teamDuration: 1 minute
Removing staff from your teamDuration: 1 minute
Swapping shifts between staffDuration: 1 minute
Publishing shiftsDuration: 1 minute
Recording time offDuration: 1 minute
Setting up a time clock stationDuration: 1 minute
Approving timesheetsDuration: 1 minute
Adding staff pay ratesDuration: 1 minute
Approving requests and cancellationsDuration: 1 minute