Embracing Digital Transformation in Your Security BusinessHow and why should your security business embrace new technologies?

Digital transformation is an absolute necessity for all security businesses in the current marketplace.

Firstly, it is imperative to keep a competitive advantage. This is recognised in the upper tiers of management—60% of senior executives believe that digital transformation will be critical for business growth in 2022.

All stakeholders will expect their security business to be embracing digital transformation, and it is useful to start by defining exactly what digital transformation is. Put simply, it is a means of using digital technology and applying it to business processes that exist already.

The benefits felt will impact on your staff and customers alike, in a world of constantly changing business marketplace dynamics.

There are 5 obvious stakeholders in your security business for whom embracing digital transformation is critical. Let’s look at who they are and what the benefits are to each of them.

What can digital transformation mean for business owners?

Taking the time to set up the direction of the digital transformation is empowering, and, as the business owner, you should tie this direction to the core values of your security business.

Dependent on your own expertise and budget, you can either draw up a plan for the transformation yourselves or bring in a specialist company to do it with you.

A digital transformation partner will be able to identify quick ways of identifying opportunities, needs, and a speedy return on the investment that will benefit customers and employees of your security company alike.

Getting data available in a more streamlined manner can lead to rapid improvements in your ways of working. This could include analysing invoice values by customer as well as cost and profit data.

So how is this done? One way is through deploying a piece of specific accounting software for small to medium sized businesses.

There are plenty of software programs that can be applied by the business owner and provides a specific idea as to how your business can embrace digital transformation.

How can this benefit your customers?

Once your security company has a digital transformation platform up and running, customers will benefit from faster responses due to your security company having quicker access to any information required in daily interaction.

How can your business embrace digital transformation to the benefit of your customers? The addition of a booking app will reap benefits in this area, by enabling your customers to book security quickly and efficiently, directly from their Smartphone

Streamlining your accounts

Examining the financial processes in the business and digitally transforming them has massive benefits. What is being done on paper that could be made digital?

Less paper means speedier access to files, and nobody likes a bulging filing cabinet. The use case here is the potential for finance staff to work remotely, at least some of the time, which the post pandemic British workforce is demanding.

Job applicants are increasingly looking for a hybrid lifestyle with some home working. The proportion of workers hybrid working has risen from 13% in early February 2022 to 24% in May 2022.

Efficiencies for sales teams

When tendering for new business, your security company will benefit if your sales team have the results of digital transformation built into their tendering process.

Taking advantage of the ongoing benefits of the transformation taking place will set the tender apart from competitors.

Outputs from accounting software on existing business profitability can assist in the tender-writing process. They will make it easier for your salespeople when setting the terms for the new business being pursued.

The subsequent time freed up this way gives you’re the capacity to prospect for new business, and therefore potential greater profits.

Empowered security staff

As mentioned above, the modern British workforce is looking to work remotely where possible for a whole host of reasons, including work/life balance.

By definition, front line security staff normally must have a physical presence. There are many instances where staff like this can’t work from home, or in any way remotely. It is still possible to embrace digital transformation in your security business to benefit them though.

Shift scheduling tools make for a good example here, with software available to help. Findmyshift employee scheduling software can be applied to the benefit of your business and the staff themselves. Attendance times are easily and logged and connected to payroll.

Reminders and notifications can also be sent to your staff, with this proving particularly useful in cases where shifts need to change or be added into workloads.

The benefits of digital transformation in the security industry are far reaching and carry meaningful impacts. It’s vital to embrace digital transformation in the changing marketplace, and to start doing so without delay.

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