Less hassle, more hustle.

Save your time for supervising employees and serving customers. Our intuitive planner has been honed through years of feedback to let you assign shifts faster and more effectively.

Crystal clear communication

Keep your team coherent on what matters, whether it’s through group discussions on new policy, private one-to-one messaging, or automated text reminders about their next shifts.

The most valuable part of the software is that staff can see their hours after the business closes. Previously they would have to message each other to see what time they started for the next day, but now with a simple click on the site they can easily find out. All staff use the software in our store - it's easy to use and saves so much time.

- Victoria Martin, Director, Specsavers
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Powerful payroll

Our tool allows you to add in variable rates, tracked time, deductibles, and future forecasts to see your costs now and going forward.

Safe and secure

Ultimate peace of mind as your data is SSL-encrypted and stored securely on our private servers.

Keep staff on track

Our built-in time tracker lets employees punch in and out of their shifts, so you know exactly what hours they’ve worked.

Get noticed

Your very own online notice board is the perfect place to share files and important announcements for everyone to see.

Insightful analysis

Track time from each area, shift, or employee to see who’s been working where and when, and dig deeper into your data with awesome analytics.

Make it your own

Customize your schedule as much as you want – add in unpaid lunch breaks, overtime rates, extra columns to your database, and more.

What our customers are saying...

  • We have been using this system for over 2 years now and it has transformed our scheduling.Mark EssameJoshuas Harvest Ltd
  • We introduced Findmyshift last year it has completely revolutionised our team planning. The elimination of paper rotas, and accurate records of communications has saved us both time and money.Michael BromidgeBraintree Specsavers Ltd
  • This software makes my life easier day in and day out. The software makes scheduling simpler, more efficient and more effective. Very Happy Customer.Lyndsey HillMaplin Electronics

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