Quick and easy schedules.

Our intuitive calendar lets you see and assign shifts with just a few clicks. See the names, times, and even areas covered so you can ensure you’ve always got the right people on the job, whether it’s for a VIP or checking ID.

Serious about security.

Like you, our customer's privacy and security is our number one priority. We go to great lengths to ensure your data remains secure at all times - encrypting all pages with SSL, anonymizing personal information in our database, and hashing your passwords so they can't be stolen.

We are a small business that has grown whilst using Findmyshift. The product itself is great, updates intuitive, staff like it and customer support always prompt (and patient). Can't recommend it highly enough.

- Patrick Matthews, Managing Director, PRM Operations
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Dig into your data

See trends, costs, and projections. Detailed reports for each week, each employee, or each area you have staffed.

Holiday tracker

View requests, upcoming leave, and even the remaining allowances for any employee.

Built-in timeclock

Let your employees clock in and out so you can see the real hours worked, be that on a quiet night shift or a manic gig.

Safe and secure

SSL encryption of all data sent from you to us ensures your private data stays that way. We also encrypt our database and all of our backups.

Mobile apps

We have Android and iOS apps to let you view shifts, send messages, and approve requests on the go, so your operations won't fall down when you're not there.

Built-in notice board

Pin those important posts and documents to our online employee notice board so you can easily share key information with anyone who needs it.

What our customers are saying...

  • Findmyshift is invaluable in the operation of my business. It is simple to use from senior managers down to day to day staffing.Gareth Gwynne-SmithSecurity and Event Solutions
  • We are a small business that has grown whilst using Findmyshift. The product itself is great, updates intuitive and staff like it... can't recommend it highly enough.Patrick MatthewsPRM Operations
  • We have been using Findmyshift for many years and find that it is a very effective and easy to use.Danielle ColettiMEC Security Limited

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