Most of us have seen it before, in-fact, most of us use it on a daily basis. When you start typing a list of suggestions appears beneath your cursor. It's a great time saver when you get used to how it works.

Now available for your filters, auto-complete helps you filter your data by offering to type long words for you, making suggestions, speeding up entry and avoiding spelling mistakes. You can use it with your mouse, your keyboard or your finger (on a touch screen).

To get the most out of auto-complete, we recommend:

  • Get used to using your keyboard to navigate up and down the list. You can do this with your arrow keys.
  • To select an item, press the enter key on your keyboard. If you're done entering filters, press the enter key again to apply the filter you've just entered.
  • If you're filtering with more than one value, for example, "John" and "Kate", you can use a comma instead of the enter key to select an item and begin a new word.

Auto-complete Now Available with Filters

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