Laptop with a free Excel employee schedule template

Getting started

Once you've downloaded your template, save it on your computer somewhere safe and then open the file. Once the file is open you will need to click "Enable Editing" and "Enable Content" as each prompt is displayed at the top of the document. You will need to enable editing if you want to be able to make changes, and you will need to enable content if you want the totals to calculate.

Enabling macros in Excel

Adding employees

If you've already started on a template and run out of space for your employees you can always add new rows. As there are formulas in the "Hours" and "Pay" columns it's best to select the row of an existing employee, right click and select "Copy", then select the row where you'd like the new employee, right click it and select "Insert Copied Cells".

Adding staff to your schedule template

Entering shifts

For Excel to interpret shifts and calculate your totals correctly the shifts must be entered in a clear and consistent format, e.g. "9am-5pm" or "9:00-17:00". Shifts that cannot be interpreted will be ignored when totalling hours and pay. When employees are working two or more shifts per day you can split the shifts with a slash "/", or a new line by pressing ALT + ENTER.

Adding shifts to your employee schedule

Unpaid breaks

To deduct an unpaid break from an employee's hours and/or pay, you'll need to add an entry like you would add a shift (separated with a new line or a slash) in the format "1 hour break" or "30 minute break". You're free to enter any amount of time you like too, as long as you end the entry with the word "break".

Adding unpaid breaks to your employee schedule

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