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Copy & paste editing on Findmyshift works a lot like it does in an Excel spreadsheet. You can copy & paste rows, columns, blocks, cells and shifts. Copy & paste these items from one week to another, or copy & paste items from your templates to your rota.

If you're not sure how to get started, you can quickly learn. Just follow these simple steps:

Firstly, highlight the data you want to copy. Do this by clicking on the cell you want to copy and then by either right click your mouse to show the "Copy" option or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + c. To paste the copied data into another cell you should click on the cell you want to paste the information into and then use CTRL + v or right click on your mouse and select "Paste".

TIP: To quickly copy a shift, hold down the Shift key while you drag it with your mouse.

It's also easy to copy one cell and then insert it into multiple cells. To do this, highlight the range of cells you want to paste copied data into using either your mouse or the arrow keys. When you then select "Paste" the copied data will appear in all of the highlighted cells. This will also work if you want to copy, for example, four cells and then paste them into 12 new cells, i.e. they will just duplicate the information into the 12 cells.

TIP: You can also use CTRL + x to cut the cells you want to copy if you want to delete them at the same time as copying them, or you can find the "Cut" option available on the right click menu, which will do the same thing.

Remember to save your changes! And if you paste a shift into the wrong cell or make another mistake you can easily undo by pressing CTRL + z.

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