Freedom for your staff.

Empower your agents with the freedom to request, cancel, or even swap shifts. Each change is run through managerial approval and then your roster is updated automatically – no crossed-out calculations or rewritten pen and paper messes.

Smart reminders.

Keep your agents informed with automated shift reminders, emails, text, push notifications and your own staff notice board. Trust that everyone either knows when they’re on next, or is able to find out.

Findmyshift has been a breath of fresh air. It's user-friendly, offers a great value, and operates smoothly. It has all of the features I was looking for in a scheduling tool. It's also great to have flexible payment options to prevent monthly expensing.

- Nicole Doyle, Customer Support Supervisor, Gumtree
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Clock on to simpler time tracking

Staff check-ins let you see their hours in real time so you can keep an eye on patterns and punctuality.

Easy access from anywhere

All of your rosters are stored securely online, so you and your staff can access your roster from anywhere.

Perfect payrolls

Automatically calculate your call centre’s costs from schedules, timesheets, and pay scales.

Lunch breaks

Add in deductible breaks to each shift so you keep your costs accurate and your staff fed, watered and happy!

Handy for holidays

Staff can log their absences for approval and perusal, and our software will even keep track of their remaining balances and allowances.

Quick calendar exports

Strike your work life balance by exporting your commitments into your mobile calendar so you don’t need the whole roster to respond to party invites.

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