Powerfully flexible.

With such varied work patterns and so many shifts that need covering, any given roster can change at a moment’s notice, so you need a schedule that’s flexible. Findmyshift lets staff request to reserve, swap, and cancel shifts, with each request reviewed by management for approval before being updated live and reflected instantly in your roster.

A solution you can trust.

Among the thousands of organisations using Findmyshift on a daily basis, we're trusted by some of the biggest first responder/emergency services in the world, including St John’s Ambulance and the UK's NHS.

I like just about everything about Findmyshift. I have been using it for several years now and have found nothing that compares for the price. I find it to be easy to use, functional, flexible and feature packed.

- Edwin Kron
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Backup, I need backup!

No-one wants to be stuck without their roster if someone accidentally hits the delete button, so we give you regular backups of your data for quick and easy restores.

Dig deeper into your data

Draw insights from the time you're tracking and see who's putting in the hours or what your costs will be over the next month.

Payroll power

Use variable overtime rates, timesheet data, deductible breaks, and live rosters to see your current costs and your future ones, and ensure your payroll remains accurate.

Direct messaging

Keep communication king with private and group messaging through the site, making it convenient to discuss shifts as you’re looking at them.


Our free application lets staff log their arrival at work and onto their shift, so you know exactly who’s been in when.

No hidden costs

Findmyshift is priced per team, not per staff member, with plans from $25 per month per team. It’s also free if for 5 staff or less.

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