How to Implement a Clock-in, Clock-out SystemMake a time clock work for your business

Implementing a staff clocking system is a fantastic and reliable way to track your employees’ hours.

Utilising such a system will allow you to accurately pay your employees as well as enabling you to easily flag any attendance issues.

As a result of such benefits, many organisations are now turning to such clocking systems in order to aid their business.

In fact, in 2021 the global time and attendance software market reached a value of $2.45 Billion—a number that experts predict will only increase.

What is a clock-in, clock-out system?

An employee will clock in when their shift begins and clock out when their shift finishes. The clocking system will track and record these hours, converting them into timesheets that can be used for payroll.

Here is how you can implement a clock-in clock-out system into your business with ease.

Choose a system that’s right for your business

As time and attendance software has developed over the years, there are now multiple forms of technology to choose from. When implementing a clocking system into your business, it’s important to choose one that seamlessly integrates with your business.

Manual time clock

Manual time clocks can come in a multitude of forms, such as spreadsheets, pen and paper timesheets, or punch cards. While manual time clocks are an easy way to get everyone started on a clocking system, there is a lot of room for inaccuracies and human error.

Time clock apps

Time clock apps have the added benefit of enabling people to clock in and out using their smart phones. This hugely benefits businesses that have employees working from home or from multiple locations.

Biometric clocks

Biometric clocks scan biometric information, such as fingerprints, faces, and irises. As this is one of the most accurate time clocks, issues such as ‘buddy punching’ will be eradicated.

Time clock software systems

Time clock software systems offer much more than just clocking in and clocking out. They may also provide payroll processing, digital employee scheduling, or attendance tracking. For example, the software within Findmyshift allows managers full oversight of automated timesheets.

Set up training and establish boundaries

Before you launch your clocking system, it is vital that you educate your employees on how to use it properly. Ensure that your employees have the correct equipment (such as a mobile device, a punch card, or PIN) and have received effective training.

Additionally, you should create a clear policy for your clocking system—one that includes when, where, and how employees should clock in and clock out and rules regarding breaks and overtime. It should also detail for what happens should employees fail to clock in or out.

By setting expectations early, your staff will know what is expected of them and your clocking system can be implemented with minimal hassle and confusion.

Offer incentives and rewards

Around 54% of employees feel that their boss could do more to show their appreciation. It’s therefore important that you motivate your employees with incentives and rewards. Incentives and rewards could come in many forms, from gift cards to a friendly clocking-based competition for an award or title.

By encouraging your staff to clock in and out properly, reminding them of the benefits, and rewarding exemplary behaviour, your employees will have a positive clocking experience.

Review the data regularly

Whilst implementing a clocking system into your business can make many aspects of your job easier, it’s vital that you continue to review the data and monitor your employees’ attendance.

By reviewing your clocking data regularly, you can highlight and resolve issues quickly and effectively as they arise. In addition, comparing the hours worked vs. the hours scheduled will allow you to have an accurate expectation of costs when it comes to payroll. This will enable you to stay one step ahead and in full control your business.

A clocking system is a must

In today’s world a clocking system is a must for any organisation. Not just allowing for better time tracking and more accurate payroll, an effective clocking system will streamline many of your processes and free up more time for other aspects of your role.

By taking the time to find a clocking system that suits your business, fostering best practices, and communicating with your employees, you will be able to implement a clock-in clock-out system into your business with ease.

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