Amazon Alexa IntegrationAlexa, the voice assistant from Amazon, is typically known for playing music, providing search answers, reading the weather forecast or even writing a shopping list. It’s also compatible with an ever increasing list of home appliances from TVs to washing machines. And, as of today, we are delighted to announce that Alexa can also tell you when you're working next!

Asking Alexa for your next shift details couldn’t be easier— Amazon’s household helper uses "natural language processing", so you can phrase your questions to it in conversational English, such as:

when’s my next shift? or What time does my next shift start?

To get started, click here to log in with your Amazon account, enable the Findmyshift Alexa skill and link your Findmyshift account.

Start scheduling your employees online.

No credit card required, nothing to download, no mailing lists and no surprises.