Sometimes certain days, duties or shifts mean employees earn different pay rates, and all of these pay rate exceptions can be calculated automatically by Findmyshift - once entered into the system.

These entries are called "rate exceptions" and can be added globally, i.e. the rates are applied to all employees, or they can be added individually to specific employees. Global rate exceptions become particularly useful when it's necessary to pay all employees double time on Sundays, or time and a half on after 7pm. Specific employee entries can be configured in the same way, but will only apply to one employee.

Both types of rates exceptions are added in a similar fashion, however, global rate exceptions are added from under the schedule's settings, whilst the employee specific rate exceptions are added to employee profiles.

Once you've clicked on "Exceptions", you can then begin by clicking on "Add a new exception". You will then be prompted to enter in details about this exception, including a description, the rate amount, when and where it should apply. When it comes to entering in the new rate this can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can use a multiplier for situations like double time, for example to double your employee's standard rate, you would enter "x2" as the rate. Secondly, you can enter a fixed rate amount, i.e to enter a fixed rate of $12.90, simply enter 12.90. The system is designed to recognise either format. Once you've entered your exceptions and you're happy with them, click save. All reports are updated instantly and automatically.

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