An introduction to exporting data

Your employee schedules contain a lot of valuable data and while it's safe and secure in Findmyshift, there will be times when you want to use it elsewhere. For example, you may occasionally need an offline copy of your schedule, or you may wish to use the data stored in your schedules for a report or presentation you need to write.

It's quick and easy to export this data and you can download pretty much all of the information stored in your schedules, in your reports or on the notice board. Read on to find out how.

How to Export Data from Your Schedules

Export data stored in your schedules

When you are in the Overview of your schedule - in either Employee or Facilities view - you will see the word "Download" above your employee schedule. If you click on this and select your format - Pdf, Excel or CSV - you will begin downloading the data you are displaying.

Before selecting "Download" we recommend that you check that all the information you need is displayed, including the correct time frame. If you only want to export certain data, you can change the dates or use the Filters feature to display only what you need to download.

Downloading copies of your reports

When you click on "Reports" from the Overview page, you'll see links to the different types of reports. Under these names you'll also see the "Download" option. By clicking on this button you will download the report for the dates you had displaying. The reports that don't have this option, can unfortunately not be exported but can be saved as a PDF using the Print option.

Again, it's important that you check you are viewing the correct date range you want to download and so we recommend you check that all the right information is displayed before you select Download. Change the dates or use the Filters feature to display only what you need to download.

TIP: Even if there is no option to download data displayed in a report, or on other pages - you can always use the Print option to save the page you're viewing as a PDF. You can access this from the right click menu when you click away from the employee schedule.

Download messages and attachments from the notice board

You can download messages posted on the notice board. To do this, go to the notice board, click on the message you want to export and then choose the Download option. It will automatically be downloaded as a PDF. You can also download the attachments that have been uploaded to the notice board by opening them and selecting "Save as" on your right click menu.

We hope this helps!

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