Making Your Transportation Or Shipping Business More SustainableGreen tips to ensure we can enjoy this planet for the long haul

The shipping industry is undergoing something of a revolution.

With the environmental impact of our actions a hotter topic than ever, all businesses need to be looking for ways to make changes.

And since transport accounts for a significant proportion of emissions, there is pressure for the industry to make changes.

Transport accounts for around one fifth of global CO2 emissions.

This figure is even higher in more developed countries like the US and the UK at 26-29%.

Going green is not only good for the planet, but it can reduce costs and improve public perception of your business as well.

There are increasing regulations around the environmental impact of businesses too, and meeting these targets can be critical to growth and success.

With sustainability in mind, here are some ideas to change the way your shipping business operates.

Embrace biofuel and electric vehicles

Reducing our reliance on vehicles power by fossil fuels is a major change, but one that comes with significant impact on carbon emissions and sustainability.

Biofuels made from waste products, whether from domestic or industrial sources, can provide a renewable fuel source with lower emissions.

Electric vehicle technology is also progressing rapidly, with major players in shipping like Amazon, DPD, and Royal Mail all investing heavily in decarbonising their fleets.

While these solutions do require significant upfront investment, they also pay off long term dividends and can contribute greatly to a greener public image.

Fleet tracking and route optimisation

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times can deliver surprising results when it comes to building a greener business.

Smart solutions are available that can help you to optimise routes, ensure vehicles take shorter paths, spend less time idling, and maximise their capacity.

These are often more complex issues than you may realise, with heavier vehicles using more fuel, speed affecting efficiency, etc., such that the optimal route may not be obvious. It may even seem counterintuitive!

And a lot of the data provided by these solutions can be fed back into analytics to help identify further ways to make improvements.

Train drivers for greener habits

It’s not just your vehicles that can be improved either. Training drivers to drive in a more efficient manner can have a significant impact as well.

It’s been shown that aggressive driving can reduce efficiency by 10-40%, which means there are significant savings to be had if any of your drivers display these tendencies.

Smooth acceleration and braking, cutting down on idling time, and shifting up gears early can all play their part. Tracking vehicle movements is a great way to identity where improvements can be made.

Green packaging

The materials in which you deliver your products can play a big part in your environmental impact as well.

Opting for biodegradable packaging, using foldable boxes that require less adhesive, and eliminating single use plastics are all great ways to ensure that your business’s footprint shrinks in size.

What’s more, over 60% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, such is the fervour towards helping reduce our environmental impact.

Regular vehicle maintenance

This is a simple one: vehicles that run well are more efficient. That means performing regular maintenance, even as simple as checking the tire pressure more often, can make a big difference to your emissions and your costs.

Not only will well-maintained vehicles be less likely to produce additional emissions, but they’ll be less expensive to run as well.

Don’t neglect the office

Transportation companies aren’t solely about the vehicles out on the road either! It’s easy to overlook the impact that your office has on your business’s footprint. Consider ways to make changes here for quick wins that cut emissions.

Reducing paper use or encouraging recycling are simple implementations that can help foster a greener mindset.

And many companies are eliminating office spaces altogether in favour of remote working, while even a transition to hybrid patterns can reap dividends. Having a smaller space to heat and light up can make a big difference to your energy bills.

A smart employee scheduling solution is great if you’re looking to change the way you and your staff work!

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