Online Shift Scheduling for Delivery CompaniesUsing Findmyshift's features to schedule delivery staff

Delivery companies run of the performance of their staff—without them, items simply wouldn't go anywhere!

As there are so many variables that can affect demand for delivery services at any given time, work patterns in the industry fluctuate relentlessly.

While this can make the demands of the job stressful, managing your rota and employees doesn’t have to be. Our online scheduling system helps you organise shifts and optimise working patterns, making it easy to keep your delivery business well-staffed through any peaks and troughs in demand.

Findmyshift includes a roster of innovative features to help things run smoothly in any delivery environment. These include push notifications to remind staff of upcoming shifts, an online noticeboard to connect your workforce, and a smart-pay system that simplifies payroll.

Take a look below at just some of the features Findmyshift offers.

One digital schedule, no more mix-ups

Paper shift patterns are a relic of the past. How many times have shifts been double-booked thanks to duplicate paper copies with differing work schedules?

With a digital rota that updates immediately with any changes, you won’t overbook or under book your staff. With just one authoritative rota online, you’ll avoid any unnecessary absences and keep your staff connected and informed wherever they are.

Peak periods? Schedule cover in advance

We all know how busy delivery services can get during peak periods. Whether it’s a huge live event that has the nation glued to the TVs and unable to cook, or a rainy weekend where no one wants to go out to eat, there are certain periods where extra hands, legs, and wheels are needed.

With Findmyshift, you’ll be able to schedule extra shifts as far in advance as you need, making it easier for your organisation to manage its busy periods and serve customers in a timely manner.

Need to make last-minute changes? Not a problem. You can implement changes nearer the time, while still guaranteeing extra shifts and cover during your busiest periods.

Give employees flexibility, maintain control

Give staff have more control over their working patterns, with the option of swapping, switching, or cancelling shifts if they’re unavailable.

This feature is a great time-saver, helping you avoid the hassle of looking for cover, changing rotas and making sure everyone on the team has been informed of the change.

However, you’ll always have the final say if employees want to change their shifts. You’ll also be able to approve or reject any other employee requests (such as holidays) and communicate your reasons.

Letting your employees have more say over their shifts might seem daunting, but you might find that your staff work best when given the freedom to have some say over their working hours and work around their family life and home responsibilities.

Messaging & notifications

In any delivery environment, fast and simple communication is the key to a functioning workforce. With Findmyshift, you can send messages and push notifications to your employees if you need help or extra hands on deck during an unexpectedly busy period.

Whether you simply need to change a shift or if you’re dealing with an unexpected absence, you’ll be able to contact your staff directly at any time without having to make a late-night phone call.

Organise your employees on a single schedule

Delivery services run on good timekeeping and effective communication. With all of your staff on the one schedule, your employees will be able to coordinate easier and find the most effective way to deliver a great customer experience.

Unlimited staff scheduling at one fixed price

Whether you’re running a city-wide team or a smaller operation, the price you pay remains the same. It's even free if you have 5 or fewer employees.

With the ability to schedule an unlimited number of staff and unlimited number of shifts, you don’t need to worry about paying increased monthly costs if your organisation grows or expands.

We even offer discounts for payments made in advance, so the only price changes you need to worry about are decreasing ones!

No more forgotten shifts or unexpected absences

In any workplace where staff operate on shift patterns, it’s normal for employees to sometimes forget that they have a shift booked in.

While everyone makes mistakes, unexpected absences can take a toll on both your employees and the service you provide when they occur.

Our automated reminder feature uses emails, push notifications, and text messages to remind employees when they have a shift coming up, or if any changes have been made to their schedules.

Your employees will also be able to integrate their schedules into their phone calendar, ensuring no last-minute cancelations or double bookings.

Track time with a traditional clock-out system

We understand that working in a delivery-focused environment often means working a little longer than you intended. One final order coming in can make a big difference to when your riders and drivers actually get to clock off. If your employees are used to clocking out at the end of their shift, they can still do so using our tool!

Turning any computer into a virtual time clock station helps your employees track time as they punch in and out of their shifts, creating trackable data that simplifies the payroll process.

For your own peace of mind, we even include location-trackers and photographic coverage of clock-in points, so you know that the information collected is accurate.

Stay connected with your online noticeboard

Having effective communication within a team is essential. With our online noticeboard feature, you and your staff will be able to communicate quickly and easily, reaching all employees and colleagues at the same time.

The online noticeboard can be used to schedule events, discuss work shifts or inform employees of any new workplace policies or changes. Instead of spending time organising a physical meeting, you can send key information that reaches your employees instantly.

The time saved on meetings can instead be spent making deliveries and increasing efficiency.

Smart pay rate calculation

With customers accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, delivery firms can't afford to operate within a typical 9-5 work pattern. With our smart pay rate calculation, you don’t need to worry about paying your staff incorrectly for the different hours and days they work.

Findmyshift will automatically register all different forms of pay when you schedule in a shift, whether it be overtime, weekend rates or night shift rates. This simplifies the payroll process, so your employees won’t have to spend time chasing up unpaid shifts or overtime pay.

Start scheduling your employees online.

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