Top Tips for Communicating with Your TeamHow to use a virtual notice board at work

Communication is a key part of any business.

Done well, it can contribute to the success of cohesive, aligned teams.

But if communication is lacking, the effects might be more serious than just missing out on extra productivity.

Businesses that struggle to open effective dialogue with their employees might even find themselves short-staffed.

In fact, 1 in 3 managers cited poor communication is the reason behind low employee morale.

There are many different ways in which you, as an owner or manager of a small business, can communicate with your employees.

In this post, we’ll be looking at one specific method: use of a virtual notice board for your team.

With a recent shift towards remote dispersed teams and home working, teams run the risk of becoming disconnected if they are not careful.

Findmyshift, however, provides your team with a virtual notice board, a digital space to share announcements with your team, have discussions, and connect in a more personal way.

So what should you be doing to ensure use of a notice board like this is effective?

Set the ground rules

If you approach team communication without a system of some sort, things can very quickly get out of hand. Be clear up front and whenever a new member joins the team of how the notice board works, what it’s used for, and the key things to remember.

Creating guidelines about what sort of discussions are and aren’t appropriate for the notice board, and displaying these rules prominently, will set the right tone. You can also include this guidance in any training material provided to new starters.

It’s important that you quickly stamp out any behaviour that could land your business in trouble. Flirting and offensive language or content are common mishaps in business communications that have no place in a forum hosted by your company.

Plan your messages

Going into a virtual notice board without a plan can lead to inconsistency, failed engagement, and even total communication chaos! It pays to be prepared and know in advance what you want to use the notice board for and how your messages will typically work.

You might plan certain types of notices or messages for particular times and days, allowing employees to get used to a routine.

That way, one-off messages, be it calls for shift cover or ideas for the office party, will get more attention and traction since they break the routine.

Encourage discussion

A great way to build engagement with your employees is to allow them to post on the notice board as well. Doing so shows that you trust them to follow the rules and believe they have something useful to contribute.

A notice board that is purely a top down method for the bosses to hand out notices won’t receive nearly as much engagement. Make it a place where employees can connect with you and their colleagues.

Stay professional but don’t intimidate

You have something of a reputation to uphold as the owner or manager. Employees are going to be able to relax and truly connect with you or each other if they feel like they are being judged or moderated for what they say.

That means you need to strike a balance between maintaining appropriate work boundaries without scaring people away from the discussion. Stick to the rules without being a stickler and you’ll create a space where your employees can loosen up a little.

Take chances to celebrate success

Shared spaces like a notice board are a great place to celebrate successes of every size. If an employee has done a great job recently, give them a shout out in front of their team. If you’ve all contributed to an event that ran smoothly, mention that.

Recognition plays a role in employee retention in over 90% of businesses, so you’re going to keep your best people around for longer.

Be sure to encourage others to celebrate their colleagues as well for even more effective team bonding.

With these tips in mind and your virtual Findmyshift notice board set up, your business is perfectly placed to drive positive communication in the workplace.

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