Scheduling for Security and Law EnforcementThe value of shift scheduling software for security firms

Security and law enforcement is an extremely varied and unpredictable line of work. No day is the same, and so it can be hard to plan ahead.

Unsurprisingly, shift scheduling has become one aspect of the job which tends to fall down the list of priorities.

But it can have dire consequences for staff morale if it’s left to the last minute.

That’s why we developed Findmyshift with security and law enforcement in mind. Our software takes the headache out of rota creation, allowing you to plan in advance.

Advantages are in abundance too: shift scheduling software has been proved to boost team spirit, improve lines of communication across teams and even enhance attendance.

So, let’s take a look at some of our key features that will revolutionise your shift scheduling management, save you heaps of time and keep your workforce happy in the process.

Easy shift-swapping and scheduling

How frustrating is it to create a rota only to realise that there are clashes? Or a certain staff member has been accidentally assigned multiple days in a row when they need a break?

The haphazard nature of shift scheduling can cause an enormous hit to staff morale, particularly if mistakes are common or if the rota is consistently delayed and riddled with issues.

Our planner allows you to drag, drop, shift and swap who you’re scheduling and when with complete ease and, crucially, ahead of time to prevent clashes.

This feature also allows you to ensure each shift is adequately supported with the correct number of staff on duty.

Limitless staff members

Some security and law enforcement agencies rely on tools and technology that are ill-fitted to meet the demands of this high-pressure job.

After all, it’s not uncommon for personnel to reach in their hundreds for any given workforce, and management is tasked with striking a balance between scheduling officers for duty as well as those ‘on call’ around the clock.

And that’s not forgetting to factor in time off and annual leave requests, either.

But it doesn’t matter how many officers or personnel you have in your team: Findmyshift allows you to schedule in each staff member at no extra cost.

Our planning software caters to your entire team and the hours you operate. Even those part-timers and trainees can be included, so no one gets left behind.

Built-in payroll clock

Security personnel typically work long hours, and each week is likely to look different from the last.

As a result, calculating the time worked for payroll purposes can be one of the most arduous tasks in law enforcement.

Fortunately, Findmyshift can actually do this for you. The planner automatically tallies up the numbers of hours worked per staff member with a built-in clock, allowing you to oversee the hours accumulated and plan the payroll accordingly.

Hassle-free payroll reports

Speaking of payroll, our software can also generate personalised reports per each member of staff based on the data acknowledged by the clock.

You only need to link officers’ salary/hourly rate of pay, plus their overtimes rates, for the software to work its magic. Using the clock and the smart pay calculator, you can then issue payroll reports as required completely hassle-free.

Smart pay calculator

Our built-in ‘smart pay rate calculator’ ensures staff are paid correctly in accordance with the type of hours they have worked.

This is vital if your staff have different rates of pay depending on the time of day they work. For instance, bank holidays or ‘graveyard’ shifts might see staff with an hourly rate that is higher than their average day rate.

But this can present problems when it comes to manually calculating pay.

The good news is that our smart pay calculator means you can sit back while the technology does the maths for you with total accuracy, eliminating human error and issues with pay at the click of a button.

Staff reminders

Releasing the schedule in advance is important for staff to establish a fair work-life balance. But, sometimes, last minute changes are necessary—and you need to be able to confidently inform staff so that they will turn up for their shift on time.

Ensure punctuality and prompt staff for upcoming shifts through our reminder feature. Text messages, push notifications and emails can be sent out instantly to notify them of changes.

Communication hub

Our shift scheduling software not only informs staff of their shifts, pay and hours, but functions as a centralised hub for communication.

With your own private built-in noticeboard, staff can post messages, questions, shift-swap and even upload relevant documents. By pooling resources all under one roof in this way, staff can stay in touch and up-to-date with relevant information ahead of clocking in.

Accessible calendar

A key benefit of shift scheduling software is that staff are able to access it from the comfort of their own home or while out of the office.

Paper copies of schedules are often a recipe for disaster. Staff members who aren’t on duty the day it goes up on the noticeboard can be the last to learn about next week’s shifts, which presents problems if they want to swap. Not to mention paper copies can easily get lost!

Meanwhile, Excel spreadsheets can be a headache to schedule, and an even bigger headache to navigate.

With Findmyshift, the rota can be accessed on a multitude of platforms. No matter where your staff are, our calendar integration works across smart phones and computers. Staff can then set alarms for their next shifts in their own personal calendars.

No more late-night reminders and frantic shift-swapping for cover!

Encrypted for protection

As any security and law enforcement officer knows, cybercrime is on the rise in this current day and age – and staff might be hesitant to work alongside any digital platform that contains crucial data and personal information about them.

However, you can rest assured that our shift scheduling software is layered in protection. With SSL encryption, all the data is stored away privately and protected from any potential prying eyes.

In fact, Findmyshift is far safer than paper copies and other technology that you might already be using.

Hopefully we've illustrated how shift scheduling software can be an asset to security and law enforcement organisations, and how Findmyshift's features can help your business stay organised and fully-staffed.

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