No more worksheet workouts

Save yourself the time and stress of complicated Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper messes with our intuitive drag & drop tool. See at a glance what shifts need covering, pick who gets them and we'll do the rest.

Fantastic software. With better clarity of staffing, programmes and qualifications, it is easy to manage staff and activity programmes.

- Lucy Lovell, Office Manager, Carnegie Great Outdoors @ Leeds Beckett University
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Flex those shifts!

Give staff power over their shifts, with requests to reserve, swap, or cancel as necessary, once approved by a manager.

Do it anywhere

All you need to view and edit your rota is a mobile phone, laptop or tablet that's connected to the internet.

Punch in power

Our time tracker lets staff clock in when they arrive, so you can see who was where and when each day.

Firm up your forecasts

Use staff timesheets, pay rates, and future rotas to see and predict costs now and going forwards.

Tough to crack

We take the security of your data seriously, enforcing SSL-encryption of all communication between you and our servers.

Backups at the ready

We keep regular copies of your data at hand so that you always have a recent rota to revert to in case of accidental deletions.

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