This could be due to a number of reasons:

1. Have you applied any filters to the page? Click "Filters" > "Clear" to remove all filters that have been applied.

2. Are the start and finish dates on their employee profiles correct? Employees won't appear on the schedule for dates before their start date, and won't appear for dates after their finish date.

3. Is "Display on schedule" ticked on their employee profile?

4. Most pages on the site have an "Options" link below the menu, containing options which can change the way the data is collected and displayed on the page. One option in particular "Hide employees with no shifts" will remove employees that do not have any shifts entered. Other options may have a similar effect, so please review your selected options.

5. Have you added the employee to the team you're viewing? When working with multiple teams, employees need to be added to each team.

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